Wednesday, August 11, 2004

What the cable companies should do

In my opinion, I think the Cable companies (and whoever else charges for TV entertainment) should just record everything on every channel and agree to keep it available for 30-60 days.  If they made the cable set-top boxes more like an RSS video feed aggregator we could then just get the kinds of shows we like, download them to our set-top box and watch them.  I personally would buy this as it would remove the need for multiple tuners in my BeyondTV system.  If I had a box in every room, they could all have something different on them based on what the person who uses the TV likes to watch.  Granted, the Cable company would have to have quite a large amount of storage, but I think that it’s something that they could do to be PRO-active instead of trying to keep people from recording and sharing TV shows….



Just something I thought up today..  Maybe it’s the DayQuil. 

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