Thursday, August 12, 2004

TiVo Rewards program launches.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Tivo and all, but…


Is it me or does this picture not disturb you?  Feels icky like a stalker leading someone off to be slain…. 

tivo-cardAbout four years late, TiVo has launched a new rewards program. So far TiVo has relied on users as evangelists, but it looks like they've finally taken a lesson from and instituted a program to encourage folks to insert affiliate codes for free prizes.

I just signed up and it appears they're doing everything they can to keep the program from becoming an affiliate marketing spam hell that many other programs are. There's no cash involved for prizes and they don't provide HTML snippets of code that could someday show up on zillions of link-farmed search engine spam sites. You simply plop someone's email (like mine, at into the signup process, and I collect points.

Looks like a nice simple system, a lot like Vonage's, but hopefully without all the Vonage spam sites lingering behind every Google search for Vonage [thanks George].


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