Monday, August 23, 2004

Future Fabulous Maycom M-Bird XT-21 Flash Player

This looks kind of neat.  I would get one but I already own like 4 different flash players.  And I always end up back on my iPaq anyway. 

xt21_front.jpg imageSome might call the M-bird XT-21 digital audio player ugly, and it a way they would be right - it certainly is anything but understated. But in a way, really, I think it's awesome; it sort of lets everything hang out in a way I appreciate. It's like Maycom said, "You know what, screw the new future. I want my cyberpunk back," then tried to figure out how to glom as many knobs and switches and weird curves into the flash memory player that it could. It even has built-in stereo speakers.

This looks exactly like the sort of thing I expected to plug my mirrorshades into.

Read - Product Page (Korean) [MBird via I4U]


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