Wednesday, August 18, 2004

HP iPaq RW6100 Photos


kap3_rw6100.jpg imageWhoa, this is a crazy one. There apparently had been rumors floating about of a new HP iPaq Smartphone, called the RW6100, and pictures have surfaced on a Korean website of what looks to be that very thing. What's interesting to me, though, is that it appears to be a slider, although with just a keypad underneath instead of a keyboard. It has a marked resemblance, in fact, to the Samsung SGH-D410 we reviewed last week, although it looks a lot bigger. Could be a very nice compromise between capability and size if it all pans out.

I've had the HP iPaq h6315 - their newest, actually-released Smartphone - in here for the last few days, and while I'll probably give it a proper review here soon, it's cemented my notion that I'm not that impressed with Windows Smartphones in the larger slate form factor anymore. If you don't mind things being way too huge for pockets, though, it's got a lot to offer.

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