Wednesday, August 11, 2004

LAPD to Design Less Weapon-Like Flashlights

Just put a light on the end of their billy-sticks…  It didn’t work in Robocop (desensitizing) and I don’t think it will work in real life… 

lapd_flashlight.jpg imageLAPD officers will soon be carrying a new committee-designed flashlight that is "lightweight, bright and virtually incapable of causing serious injury." The standard-issue 2-pound metal flashlights - such as those used to beat suspected car-thief Stanley Miller - will likely be phased out in the next few months. Based on shortcomings of the current flashlights, it's likely the new custom torches will have long battery life, be wieldy enough for a single hand (gotta keep the gun hand unencumbered) and be able to plug into LAPD police cars for recharging. The current, club-like models use D-cell batteries. (Thanks, Susudio!)
Read - LAPD panel may design flashlights [DailyNews via Backspace]

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