Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Aluminum Beer Bottles

Hey this is cool.  I worked as a contractor for Alcoa for almost a year installing a new enterprise wide exchange server network.  Kind of neat! 

new_iron_city.jpg imageAlcoa has teamed up with Pittsburgh Brewing Company to produce and package Iron City beer in a new aluminum bottle. Their pushing it as "unbreakable," which is certainly true compared to glass, and harping on its ability to keep a beer cooled for up to an hour longer than traditional bottles - all for only about $1 more per case. In addition, the new bottles are resealable, so if you want to enjoy that flat beer in sips throughout the week, now you've got the technology.

Aluminum bottles aren't new, exactly - the Japanese have sold metal bottles of hot coffee, I'm told - but it is the first major regional brewery to make the transition. I wouldn't expect most beers to move to the new bottles, though, simply because the various colors and shapes of glass bottles are as much a part of the brands as the beer itself. But if Iron City sales go up markedly, I wouldn't be surprised to see BUD STEEL in the near future. (Thanks, Travis and Jeffrey!)

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