Monday, August 2, 2004

Microsoft LimitLogin going public soon

This looks cool!  This way you can limit those generic accounts!  Yeah, I can hear you now, "we don't use generic accounts."  Well....  Yes you do... And I guarantee that more than one person knows the password.

Thanks <b>anon</b>...Limit Logon testers have just been notified that the beta test period is nearly over. A public release will be available soon.

"Thank you for participating in the Beta Test program for LimitLogin. We are pleased to announce LimitLogin will be available for download on Microsoft web site soon. Your bug reports and suggestions for improving LimitLogin have helped us to build a great product."

LimitLogin adds the ability to limit concurrent user logins in an Active Directory domain. This tool will be released as a resourcekit tool for Windows 2003, it requires IIS 6 and is not supported (as all resource kit tools). The tool is 3.55 MB. Read more for further information.

News source: In-House

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