Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Philips and Interbrew's PerfectDraft

OK, forget the pocketpc phone.  I want one of *these* for my birthday!!! 

PerfectDraft9.jpg imageIs this why we fought WWII? So the Amsterdammers can have superior home beer technology? Clearly, the introduction for Interbrew and Philips' new "PerfectDraft" system is cause to wage the bloodiest, hoppiest, deliciously frothiest war ever waged. The €200 (about $240) machine accepts 6-liter metal kegs which, once installed, stay fresh for up to four weeks (three weeks too long, likely) at a constant 3-degrees Celsius. The only bad part? The first beers provided are only so-so; well, at least the Stella Artois (no matter what the hipsters might grunt). I've never had the Jupiler. But I mean, come on, it's Belgium! I know they have better beers than that. I sampled at least a couple dozen last weekend in Cooperstown at Brewery Ommegang.

But still, I'd take even the Stella if Philips would release this here. (Thanks, Lars!)

Read - Press Release [Interbrew]

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  1. I'm Belgian, and I can assure you, Jupiler is my favourite regular "pils"-beer!