Monday, October 31, 2005

World's Most Powerful Subwoofer

Oh my…..  Noggin, can we get this hooked up to our car? 

_graphics_RWimage1.jpgComing soon to a 1986 Monte Carlo down your street at 3 a.m. is the TRW 17 subwoofer. This isn’t your grandma's subwoofer. Hell, this doesn’t even look like a subwoofer, but it is. Normal subwoofers pulsate a concave paper cone while also compressing air inside of a box and pushing it out through a small opening. The metal fans create an enormous cone of air essentially turning your room into the subwoofer box. This is capable of getting frequencies down to the 1Hz range, this is the same range you may associate with jet engines and nuclear explosions. Traditional subwoofers get 20Hz at best. This isn’t available to the public yet, but the predicted price will be around the $12,900 range.

World's Most Powerful Subwoofer [OhGizmo!]

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Windows Vista CTP - 32-bit - Build 5231 (English)

Well, Microsoft is busy today....

The next CTP build of Windows Vista is out for those with MSDN access at least...

More info after I get it installed.

I'm famous... sorta

Well, I am not "el Presidente de Perl" and I have never been "Slashdotted", but I did get a mention on the TechNet Webcast Weblog....

Blog winners for TechNet Events & Webcasts Bloggers
Blogging has it's rewards. You already get to speak your mind, and connect with thousands of others who might otherwise not know your priceless prose exists. But wait, there's more. If you are the top blogger of the month on the TechNet Events & Webcasts Bloggers site, you win a wireless mouse.
Here's the monthly winnners of that wireless mouse, for being the blogger with the most hits to a post.

August: Philip Morrison with 559 visits to his Windows Vista Beta 1 post: at

In September the TechNet winner was Eileen Brown with 750 visits to her Troubleshooting RPC/HTTP post:

Congrats to Philip and Eileen!
You wanna be next? Register your blog at the TechNet Events & Webcasts site and write about something people want to hear about!

Dean Andrews
TechNet Webcasts

I guess folks do read my stuff....

Exchange 2003 SP2!!!!!

Exchange SP2 is live!!!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Perl Foundation Elected a New President!!!

Way to go Bill!!!
Read the whole thing here.

Bill Odom has been appointed president of The Perl Foundation, and four new members have been elected to its Steering Committee, the Perl Foundation announced today.

Allison Randal, president since 2002, is stepping aside to take a more active role in Perl 6 and Parrot development. "I endorse Bill wholeheartedly," she said. "Bill is calm in a crisis, follows through on what he starts, and inspires others to do great work. I can't think of anyone better suited to lead TPF through our next steps of growth."

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The PEZ MP3 player is taking orders!

If you look at my flickr site at all you should remember that I have a few PEZ dispensers on top of my monitor…  This would be a nice addition. J 

< ![if !vml]>pez mp3 player< ![endif]>

Remember that stay-at-home-dad who’s been obsessively converting a PEZ dispenser into an MP3 player from his basement? Well, he’s finally taking orders for his product. For $99US, you get a 512MB flash-based MP3 and WMA player which doubles as a USB2.0 mass storage device. The single AAA battery provides up to 20 hours of tasty licks on the included earbud headphones — hell, it even comes preloaded with “Indie tracks” (any chance that’ll include the Jackie-O MF reissues?). All this in an old-school PEZ “Pal Boy” dispenser; go get your kitsch on and support an underdog, we’re sure Cupertino won’t mind.

[Thanks, Kernel32]

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New headset

New headset

Originally uploaded by Phil Morrison.

I know it says Treo but it works just fine on the PPC-6700. I can even voice-dial now over it. Much better than the Jabra I used to use.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

MS to Ship Malware Protection Utility

This looks kind of interesting.  I wonder if it will merge with the existing Anti-SpyWare product they are offering?

Microsoft introduced on Thursday a new program that will help to combat viruses, malware and spyware in the corporate environment, as well as provide stronger protection for current and emerging threats. Called Microsoft Client Protection, the new service could be seen as new competition for McAfee and Symantec.


Monday, October 3, 2005

Mobile Phone-casting

I couldn’t sign up for an account even though they say it will work on all WM5 phones.  But I did send a message to the support email asking for more info.  This sounds kind of neat… 

Missed this item from DEMOfall a few weeks ago: Canadian company ComVu is offering free webcasting services for mobile phones running Windows Mobile 5. The software includes some sweet features such as tags support, geo-positioning data to allow viewers to locate transmission point on map, automatic video-blog functionality, and instant group notification via SMS, IM or email. The company is banking on video as the logical evolution of the phonecam newsgathering trend.

"CNN is already promoting its citizen reported media; it's only a matter of time before all newspapers and broadcasters will seamlessly tap into the 'on the spot' video feeds streamed live from camera phone users-this is exactly the capability ComVu enables."

PocketCaster is in beta right now. Anyone taken the PocketCaster for a test-run? Please report back.

Pocket casting [Red Ferret]
ComVu [Product Page]

Company Launches 6th Sense Social Networking for Windows Mobile and Symbian smartphones


 I saw this post on Geekzone and took a read.  Now, I understand why this is different from the fictional game of “BlueToothing” that started out as a joke but turned into something real…. But, having said that.  Why on EARTH would I not just go over to the person at the bar (besides the fact that I am married and wouldn’t do that…).  Until they build this in as something that is default on your phone, and it’s not an Uber-Geek phone but a more mid/low end phone, the only folks you are going to find are nerdy guys pretending to be hot chicks….  Or teeny-boppers with rich folks…  Oh, well, there is my rant.


6th Sense is a mobile personal networking service for users to find people in the local proximity that they might want to meet.

 [Geekzone: IT, mobility, wireless and handheld news]