Monday, August 2, 2004

Alienware Rebrands TekPanel as 'DHD'

Ooooh, I want one of these...  So I can load the BeyondTV network client on it!!!


Haha, DHD, they must be Stargate-SG1 fans.

alienware_dhd_system.jpg image

Alienware has a new line of Windows Media Center PCs that are integrated into flat-panel displays which they're calling "DHD" systems (You know, Digital Home, errr, uhm) but you may know as Hy-Tek's TekPanel of The Apprentice fame. So despite Alienware's claims of "innovation," there's not a whole lot new to see here; it's a PC stuffed into a 5-inch deep large-screen LCD TV. That's nice and all, but as eHomeUpgrade's Alexander Grundner rightfully asks, is it really worth paying eight grand and up for an all-in-one unit when the computer part of it will be obsoleted in a couple of years?

I guess if you're already shopping at Alienware, you're not really looking for value in the first place.

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