Thursday, October 21, 2004

XM Radio and Major League Baseball sign $650 million deal

Major coolness.  Did you guys watch the Red Sox's kick butt last night?

xmIn the wake of Sirius’ Howard Stern $500 million exclusivity announcement, XM Radio turned around and won a bidding war for the rights to broadcast Major League Baseball over their satellite radio network. XM plans to add an entire baseball channel and broadcast not only live games, but also classic games, special shows, and games in multiple languages. While the deal isn’t worth as much (non-monetarily, we mean) as the Howard Stern deal, it is a big victory for XM and satellite radio. The people at XM hope that this will not only improve consumer sales, but also OEM sales to auto manufacturers, which is becoming a tight battleground for satellite radio providers. XM picked a perfect time to announce this deal with the craziness going on in the playoffs, as people have baseball on the brain in a big way right now.

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