Monday, October 4, 2004

Going home

Well, I had a wonderful time at my first Gnomedex. I ended up with some good schwag as I got a 7.1 sound card. Our table of 6 ruled the giveaway on Friday night as 5 of us got a prize and 2 received TWO prizes. :)

My dad and I left before the closing diner so that we could get back into San Francisco before too late. In fact, we got back before 10pm. I went to a wedding Sunday and just hung around the house on Monday.

Now the fun part. I have to ride the 10:45 back to Charolette and then wait 3 hours to catch the 15 min. flight to Columbia... And then go to work. I had wanted to take the whole day off but the other folks on the team are leaving as soon as I get in for New York for a disaster recovery test. I have bunches of pictures from SF and I will post them on my Flickr page only.

I can't wait for next year, it was an awesome conference and hopefully I can bring some co-workers next time.

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