Friday, July 30, 2004

Future Fantasy Gadget: Soundwave MP3 Player

I would buy one or two. :)

soundwave.jpg image

Friday's Fantasy Future Gadget has a very simple premise: we'll give you one of the best ideas ever conceived for free. You have to buy us a jet plane when you make a million dollars with it, though. Today's gadget would sell, like, eight nine eleven millions or thousands millions in a week, guaranteed.

The premise is simple. Someone needs to purchase the rights to use the image of Soundwave, the evil Decepticon Transformer, from Hasbro. Then make a hard disk-based MP3 player out of Soundwave (slightly smaller than the original Transformer toy, though, for portability) that actually transforms. Then sell the individual transforming cassette Transformers (Casseticons, was it?) as individual USB flash-based MP3 players that can be placed inside the larger Soundwave unit to extend its library.


Thursday, July 29, 2004

Friendly Fire By Design

When I first read this I thought that the drone was firing AT the people.  :)

AW_07_26_2004_414.jpg imageI give our fighting forces a hard time, sometimes, but it's not because I think they are all babykiller jugheads (which is too bad, because I hate babies). In fact, one of the worst things I can think of is fighting for your country and taking a bullet or worse, then lying in a combat zone bleeding to death because it's too dangerous to send in a medic. Well, thankfully, the Pentagon -- who has never found a problem they couldn't shoot a missile at -- has developed an 32-inch long Quick-MEDS projectile that can be fired by an unmanned flying drone at wounded soldiers without jeopardizing unwounded troops; the projectile is filled with blood, bandages, oxygen, burn packs, vaccines, and bio-chem antidotes -- a medical missile.



More Details About Alpine iPod Interface

I would love one of these...  But it would cost more than my car.  $3000.00 stereo, $300.00 car. :(

alpine_in_dash.jpg imageMacCentral has more details about Alpine's upcoming in-car iPod interface, including the single-greatest quote ever to slip past the lips of a VP of Marketing, "Consumers love a knob more than anything." I've been saying that for years.

The Alpine unit looks nice, though. I think the best thing is that it's part of a whole system, so that any Ai-Net-equipped head unit can interface with the iPod, including using the aforementioned knob to scroll through like you would with the iPod's built-in wheel. Better than iPod Your BMW, that's for sure.

Read - Alpine offers details on forthcoming iPod interface [MacCentral]

Alpine's KCA-420i iPod Interface Available in September [Gizmodo]


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Today Player

For those of you who don't have in iPod but *DO* have an iPaq or PocketPC of some kind, check this out:


I like it loads better than the built in WMP and slightly better the pPod er.. pBop (oh wait, we cant have that anymore, thanks Apple)

Mydentity at work

I happen to like googlenym over the other options. :)


That is... when google is working ;)

[The Doc Searls Weblog]

More Motorola RAZR V3 Pics

Boy! it sure is wafer thin.  I would be afraid I would break the thing... Or spread butter and jam on it for a snack!

rbengal_razor_pics.jpg imageCellphone site HowardForums' infamous 'BengalBoy' got his hands on one of those v. v. hot Motorola RAZR V3 phones and had the temerity courtesy to rub it in our faces share it with us all via about eight million pictures. That phone already has its detractors -- some say it isn't powerful enough -- but boy are those people are wrong; this is going to be one popular phone.

Read - BengalBoy's Motorola V3 Razors [HowardForums via SlashPhone]


Shrimp Bandages See Wartime Use

This is pretty darn cool if you ask me.  Of course, I wonder how bad a wound will it help clot up and also, does it smell like shrimp? :)

hemcon_shrimp.jpg imageIt was a couple of years ago, at least, that we first heard about bandages being developed out of chitosan and now it seems they've been put into service in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Chitosan, derived from shrimp shells, carries a positive charge and bonds with a wound's red blood cells (which are negatively charged) to form a clot in as short as 30 seconds. Made exclusively by HemCon, the bandages use shrimp shells from Iceland, are processed and freeze-dried in New Hampshire, assembled and packaged in Oregon, and sterilized in California. No word on when shrimp bandages will be available to consumers.

Read - Shrimp shells help save soldiers' lives [Chron via DailyGadget]


Blaupunkpt Woodstock DAB54 Car Stereo

Oooooh, anyone know how I can get one of these?  I bet the RIAA won't like it one bit!  Which of course means I just have to have one.  That and the fact that I like saying Blaupunkpt. :)

balufkas_dab54.jpg imageDAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio has its fans and its detractors in the UK, but there's no questioning the creeping tide of music devices that support the standard, like Blaupunkt's newly-updated DAB54 in-dash car stereo. In addition to DAB radio functions like live pausing, record and rewind (rewind live streams to catch the beginning of a song you want to record to SD card), and TravelStore (an automatic catalog of all available DAB stations), the Woodstock also plays regular old CDs and FM radio. The DAB54 also includes Blaupunkt's VarioColour display technology with lets you pick from 4,096 different hues to match the exact color of dashboard illumination.

The biggest disappointment from the Woodstock DAB54? It's not actually wood, which means it won't match my station wagon's dash no matter how many color LEDs it has.

Read - Product Page [Blaupunkt]

Aria Digital A-6000: DAB Radio for Your PC [Gizmodo]
Portal DAB Radio by IDEO [Gizmodo]


MTBlacklist is back!

Woohoo!!!  Went back to the older version of MovableType so I can kill the comment spammers!

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Rosner MP3Blue Jacket Picture

The review may be bad, but hey!  It's an MP3 Jacket! :)


Reminds me of the self adjusting clothing from Back to the Future 3! :)

mp3blue_jacket.jpg image

Model or no, that jacket is rough. And not in a thuggish and/or ruggish way, I mean, like, on the eyes. I can't believe a $700 jacket from the future only has a 128MB of (presumably) non-upgradeable flash memory. (Thanks, Aaron and Fred!)


MP3Blue Music and Bluetooth Jacket [Gizmodo]



Ugh, a new variant of My Doom is out now...


Time to turn on my "no NDR messages" rule again.  Very annoying as I have already had 3 conversations today about the fact that the users are not infected, just that someone is using their email address in the "from" field...

Friday, July 23, 2004


Hey TechnoD!!! You have to check this band out!!!

I saw them on Late Night and got their CD. They would kick A$$ at the next hootnanny!


Thursday, July 22, 2004

Fuel Cell Technology Breakthrough Claimed

On the battery thread, check this out!  If they use the same space that we already have for batteries in our laptops, wow!!!!

Continuing the parade of things that you can't actually get yet: As they say: "Small, cheap, and good: pick two."

But no! Or so says the University of Houston, who have claimed to developed a small, cheap, and good fuel cell using thin film solid oxides.

Small: a fuel cell with the volume of four sugar cubes can power a laptop computer; one the size of two soda cans can power a house.

Cheap: does not use the ultra-pure and exotic materials of standard fuel cells.

Good: thin film solid oxides have a 60-70% efficiency, and run at half the temperature of normal solid oxide fuel cells, at a mere 450 to 500 degrees Celsius.

Wow! I can't wait to put a tiny 500°C battery in my lap.

Read - 'Cool' Fuel Cells Could Revolutionize Earth's Energy Resources [EurakAlert!]


Philips 650 - 5 Weeks o' Standby

Now that's some battery life!  Just wonder if it has Bluetooth?

It doesn't have a built-in camera (there will be a camera accessory), but if that's OK by you, the Philips 650 has a 8.5 talk/5 week standby battery. The tri-band phone has a 16-bit 128x160 screen, a WAP 2.0 browser, Java, and external Caller ID.

No announcements as to which carriers will have the phone nor how much it will cost. Look for it in the fall.

Read - Philips 650 Claims 5 Week Standby [InfoSync World]


Matt Haughey raps it out....

This just bites!  Not much I can add so just read and weep.

TiVo: you can only innovate if the NFL and MPAA say so

Today's Washington Post carries a jaw-dropping article about TiVo's latest fight [via waxy]. Tivo ToGo was announced at CES in January of this year, with a planned Fall release, but if the Movie Industry and the NFL get their way, it will never see the light of day.

What is most shocking about the objections is that TiVo ToGo is an already crippled version of something TiVo hackers and users of software PVRs like Windows Media Center and Snapstream have been doing for years now. See that huge ugly plastic dongle pictured in the upper right? That's your user "key" that makes sure only your TiVo programs can play on your PC or laptop. I haven't seen or tested this functionality out, but I'm sure those programs are encrypted to the point that they are unplayable on any device that doesn't also have the hardware key plugged in. I wouldn't be surprised if the video format is a proprietary one as well. TiVo is also talking about adding a show swapping feature, which is great news, but you will have a limit of ten other devices that you can share with (ReplayTV used to let you swap with an unlimited amount of other users, which got them sued until they went bankrupt and removed it).

Simply put, compared to how Microsoft's offerings work, and a slew of small software packages for the PC and Mac that record TV, the TiVo ToGo feature is a crippled lockbox. You won't be sharing shows on Kazaa anytime soon with TiVo ToGo features.

The NFL and MPAA are attacking both the show extraction feature, claiming it will allow programs to propigate online, and the show sharing features, claiming TiVo owners will share them with more than their friends. Their nightmare scenario is that maybe, possibly, someday someone you don't know might ask for a copy of an obscure program you happened to have recorded and saved. Oh, the horror of it all!

For no other reason than it points out how insane this is, here are some priceless quotes:

TiVo was one of 13 companies that asked the FCC for approval, arguing that its copy-protection system met the requirements. The Motion Picture Association of America, Hollywood's lobbying arm, and the NFL then filed objections to TiVo's plan.

First off, how much does is suck that TiVo can't just think of new features and build them, but they have to ask for permission from the FCC? Can't a company innovate without asking everyone if it is ok first? Also, why is the MPAA and NFL going after TiVo when Microsoft's Media Center Edition allows you to not only share your programs with other PCs and laptops, but it also spawned an entire market for portable TV devices like this one? Where were the movie industry goons when those products were announced and released?

This other quote puts a light on how screwed up the NFL is:

The NFL, meanwhile, is concerned that a user could send a copy of a game to someone in another time zone, where the game is blacked out.

Only the NFL would go so far out of their way to make sure their most ardent fans can't see the football games they want to see.

I sincerely hope TiVo weathers this legal storm, the products are already loaded with enough protection to keep the movie industry's worst fears from taking place, though I suspect if the show sharing features get into TiVo, the maximum number of shareable devices will most likely be something like 3 other boxes instead of 10.


[Marc's Voice]

Trend Micro Tests Smartphone Antivirus

This is good.  Now we have to remember to update the virus protection on our phones... sheesh!

Last month, in a proof of concept, the first smartphone worm wiggled its way onto phones running the Symbian operating system. The worm has not yet been found in the wild, but has still managed to catch the attention of antivirus vendors. In the wake of the incident, Trend Micro is seeking beta testers for its new Mobile Protect software for Microsoft Smartphone 2003.


6 GB Compact Flash Cards

Wow!  Someone want to buy me one of these?  It's only almost $1,000.00 per gig!

copy this image to Gizmodo JoelNot more than a week after the world saw the first 6.75MB/sec (45x) CompactFlash cards, Green House Corporation introduces their 12MB/sec (80x) cards. (All RAW, all the time, punk.) If you feel like spending nearly $5,400 on a single piece of equipment small enough to be flushed down the toilet, Green House can also fulfill your wildest dreams; the cards go up to 6GB capacities.

Read - Press Release (Japanese) [Green-HouseJP via TechJapan]
Read - Product Page (Japanese)


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Bono Moves to Preempt Thieves

Wow, this is the first time I have heard that a major band had its music out before it even released.   

U2's new album was stolen last week. If it shows up online, it'll be rushed out on Apple's iTunes, the band has pledged.

[Wired News: Top Stories]


For those of you who use Slimdevices Squeezebox or Slimp3 servers you should go over to the Softsqueeze website!


This is a much better windows player IMHO than Winamp or Windows Media Player.  Since I listen to mostly Pink Floyd I have been very annoyed by the pause between songs.  This doesn’t happen with Softsqueeze!  Yippee!


Army Develops MRPs (Meals Ready to Pee On)

But it’s wafer thin! 

combat_food_logo.jpg imageFresh from their success in creating the Three Year Indestructible Sandwich, the US Army's Soldier System Center in Natick, Massachusetts has created a pouch filled with chicken and rice that can be rehydrated with a soldier's own urine. Or the urine of their crushed enemies. Anything really, even the muddiest swamp water, as the pouch uses a special filter that uses osmosis to remove 99.9-percent of bacteria and toxic chemicals from the water used to rehydrate the food (Now with 0.1-percent Deadly Toxins!). Of course, regular, non-lethal water should be used in optimal situations, but engineers involved with the project reassure us that short term usage probably won't cause any long-term kidney damage (unless your buddy kicks you in the side to get enough fluid to reconstitute his peaches).

You don't want to know what has to be done to make the Tootsie Roll chewy again.

Read - Army rations rehydrated by urine [NewScientist via DefenseTech]


The employee morale dance

This reminds me of a really bad HR video I saw once..  Hehe 

I've been reading up a lot on strategies to motivate employees and increase morale, and I ran across this article, which has the following in it:

1. Watch how you're standing. Men enjoy standing side by side when speaking to one another. Women enjoy facing each other while talking to one another. Women: When approaching a man, slowly position your torso at an angle to his torso to make him comfortable. Gentlemen, to make a woman comfortable, slowly move your torso so you're standing face to face with her to make her comfortable.

I just can't help but wonder what happens if you have a man and a woman who have both read this advice who need to talk to each other?

[KC on Exchange and Outlook]

Insert Bill, face up.

Just went to the soda machine and thought of my bud Bill “blogless one” Odom.  When will you start up a blog???

God violates Intel trademark

Hehe, this is funny.  I have a PocketPC theme with the same logo…   

Jesus inside

[The Register]

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

HOWTO install VMWare tools silently

Well, while working on a way to get Alteris’ RDP product to automate the install of a VMWare guest, I came across this note in VMWare’s KB: states:

VMware GSX Server 3.1

  What's New | Requirements | Installation | Guest OS Installation | Documentation | Troubleshooting

previous Prev   Contents   Last   Next next

Automating the Installation of VMware Tools in a Windows Guest

To automate the installation of VMware Tools in a Windows guest operating system, you can use the Microsoft Windows Installer runtime engine to install the software silently (in quiet mode). If you are installing VMware Tools in a number of Windows virtual machines, you may want to use the silent install features.

The guest operating system in which you are installing VMware Tools must have Microsoft Windows Installer runtime engine version 2.0 or higher installed. This version is included with Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. If you are installing VMware Tools in other Windows guest operating systems, check the version of this file:


If you need to upgrade the engine, run instmsiw.exe (instmsia.exe for Windows 95 or Windows 98 guests), which is included with the VMware Tools installer.

For more information on using the Microsoft Windows Installer, go to the Microsoft Web site —

To install VMware Tools silently in a Windows guest, first make sure the virtual machine's CD-ROM drive is connected to the VMware Tools ISO image (windows.iso, located in the directory where you installed GSX Server) and configured to connect when you power on the virtual machine. Then, run the silent installation on the extracted installation packages. At the command prompt, on one line, type:

msiexec -i "D:\VMware Tools.msi" ADDLOCAL=ALL /qn

The ADDLOCAL option defaults to install all VMware Tools components. You can customize the installation using a combination of the ADDLOCAL and REMOVE options. For information about the features of VMware Tools, see About VMware Tools. You can include or exclude the following features:

  Toolbox — the VMware Tools control panel and its utilities. Excluding this feature prevents you from using VMware Tools in the guest operating system, and is not recommended.

  Drivers — this includes the SVGA, Mouse, BusLogic and vmxnet drivers.

o        SVGA — the VMware SVGA driver. Excluding this feature limits the display capabilities of your virtual machine.

o        Mouse — the VMware mouse driver. Excluding this feature decreases mouse performance in your virtual machine.

o        Buslogic — the VMware BusLogic driver. Excluding this feature prevents you from using this driver in your virtual machine. If your virtual machine is configured to use the LSI Logic driver, then you may want to remove this feature.

o        VMXNet — the VMware vmxnet networking driver. Excluding
this feature prevents you from using this driver in your virtual machine.

o        MemCtl — the VMware memory control driver. This feature is recommended if you plan on using this virtual machine with VMware ESX Server. Excluding this feature hinders the memory management capabilities of the virtual machine running on an ESX Server system.

  Hgfs — the VMware shared folders driver. This feature is recommended if you plan on using this virtual machine with VMware Workstation. Excluding this feature prevents you from sharing a folder between your virtual machine and the Workstation host.

To include a feature, use it with the ADDLOCAL option.

To exclude a feature, use it with the REMOVE option.

For example, to install everything but the shared folders driver, type the following on the command line:

msiexec -i "D:\VMware Tools.msi" ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=Hgfs /qn

The SVGA, Mouse, BusLogic, vmxnet and MemCtl features are children of the Drivers feature. Thus, on the command line, if you type:

msiexec -i "D:\VMware Tools.msi" ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=Drivers /qn

You also skip installation of the SVGA, Mouse, BusLogic, vmxnet and MemCtl drivers.

The drivers installed by VMware Tools are not signed by Microsoft. When you install VMware Tools, you are asked to confirm the installation of these drivers. You can prevent these messages from appearing in the guest operating system during installation by completing the following steps.

1.      On the virtual machine's desktop, right-click My Computer, then choose Properties.

2.      Click the Hardware tab, then click Driver Signing. The Driver Signing dialog box appears.

3.      Click Ignore, then click OK twice.



Now, I am using ESX but it doesn’t seem to matter.  Yippie! 

Killer Drones: Not Just For the Scottish Anymore

But can I buy one on E-bay!  I would love to have one hovering over me while I drive to work.  I could tell it to bomb the heck out of that !#@$ that cut me off! 

x45c2.jpg image

Boeing has created a modern day Spirit of St. Louis, except instead of Charles Lindburg there is a computer brain and instead of inspiring generations of dreaming children it will drop 4,500 pounds of bombs on them. The newest "unmanned combat aerial vehicle," the X-45C, weighs about four tons, has a 49-foot wingspan, and will able to cruise at an altitude of 40,000 feet. Expect to see automated flocks of X-45Cs blot out the sun sometime after 2009.

Lost Navy Drone Found, Alcohol Suspiciously Not Mentioned [Gizmodo]
Killer Military Drone Plans Revealed [Gizmodo]


Imation Adds 1GB Swivel Flash Drive

Wow, now this is awesome! 

Swivel-Flash-Drive_2.jpg imageSomewhere between a hard-drive based storage solution and a low-end, disposable storage sits 1GB memory drives like this new Swivel Flash Drive from Imation. And although the $360 retail price is steep -- way steeper than a tiny hard drive solution -- it's hard to get upset about a one and two-thirds of a CD worth of storage in two-inch stick, especially when the integrated swivel cap means you'll never lose the cap -- or lose the flash drive while the cap stays attached to your keyring. It's USB 2.0, too, which means you won't have to wait hours while to fill it up.
Read - USB 2.0 Swivel Flash Drive 1GB [BIOS]


Free Ipods: How To Beat The System (Sort of)

Anyone out there want to help me get an iPod?  Oh, and if you know 5 folks you could get one free too! 

free_ipods_com.jpg imageSo Free iPods, right? Apparently there's a sort of multi-level-marketing promotion through the site, who will give you a free iPod mini, 15GB iPod, or $250 iTunes gift certificate for signing up for one of their "online offers," like signing up for AOL Broadband or The idea is, of course, that after six people have signed up (you and five people you refer) they'll get enough kickback from the participating companies to pay for your iPod.

So Andru at GearLive has figured out a way to make the Free iPod process a little easier. We'll explain how after the jump.


First Proof-Of-Concept CE Virus Released

FYI PPC fans!  Be on your toes.  I suppose this could infect a Smartphone too… 

It was only a matter of time before this was going to happen -- an EXE on Windows CE that is capable of infecting other EXE files on the same unit. It's called "WinCE4.Dust", and it's clear it's proof-of-concept, as it prompts the user before actually infecting other executables:
In any case, it's worth pointing out several things: first, it's not at all surprising this is possible -- CE is a general-purpose OS, and as such can run any...

[Pocket PC Thoughts]

Jabra FreeSpeak 250 Bluetooth Headset

OK, so I did a comparison between the 250 and the 200 (I have two of them).  The BT200 has 3 hour talk time (4 hour if you use the one for non Bluetooth phones) and has a standby of 100 hours.


Other than that, they seem like the same headset.  

"Jabra introduces the FreeSpeak 250, a comfortable and portable Bluetooth headset for hands-free communication with your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone! The FreeSpeak 250 works up to 30 feet away, allowing you to leave your phone in another room or stowed in your briefcase. With up to 8 hours talk time and up to 240 hours standby time the FreeSpeak 250 is a simple, lightweight (less than 1 oz.) hands-free solution. The patented MiniGels allow the...

[Pocket PC Thoughts]

Sunday, July 18, 2004

This Land belongs to you and me

My boss sent me this via email.  I was going to manual blog it but since someone already started it, here it is. J 

David Fox turned me onto this....

Check it out!

[Marc's Voice]

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Chillow Pillow Heatsink Reviewed

Hehe, the word of the day…. Chillo! 

chillow.jpg imageAt night, awake with concern for all mankind, I sweat. An array of fans helps, as does sleeping on the air hockey table, but perhaps something like the SoothSoft Chillow is the way to go. A "heatsink for your head," the flexible plastic insert has a cooling technology -- water, I think they're calling it these days -- that helps keep the up side of your pillow pleasingly cool all night long. If you think you can stand a "slightly rubbery scent," and come on, it's the '90s, people, Gear Live puts aside its MP3 players and crys-knives long enough to give you a review.
Read - SoothSoft Chillow Review [GearLive]


Cool Ways to Give IE the Boot

I post this only because I just recently switch from IE to Firefox.  Thanks Bill! 

If you're looking for an alternative to Internet Explorer, there's more out there than just Mozilla. Here's a rundown of some popular Web browsers not written by Microsoft. By Michelle Delio.

[Wired News]

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

NTT DoCoMo FOMA N900iL: Cellular + Wi-Fi Voice Over IP

Whoa!!  This looks awesome!  It would be cool if it supported Vonnage or FWD!!! 

docomo_n900il.jpg imageHey, there's a new phone, the N900iL, that does something awesome -- it is the first wireless handset that can also make calls as a wireless IP phone. I wonder if it runs on NTT DoCoMo's FOMA network? Oh, wait, I forgot I just said it did something awesome, so really, what other network would it run on?

The price is still up in the air, but it's not like we'll ever get to buy it anyway (but I'm not bitter. Really. No, seriously. Back off.)

Links-a-go-go after the jump.


Monday, July 12, 2004

Exchange Resource Manager v1.3 Release Candidate

This looks neat.  A more recent friend of mine still uses public folders as the rest of the world uses Resource Accounts, but hey, maybe this will convince him to come into the ‘90s J

Andy Webb and the fine folks at have an application to ease the burden of managing Exchange resource accounts, suitably called Exchange Resource Manager (ERM).

They are looking for people to try the Release Candidate for ERM v1.3.

If you haven't already, you might also consider adding Andy's Webb Blog of 'infrequent thoughts' to your reading. Hopefully it will encourage him to record his thoughts more frequently. :o)

William Lefkovics

[MS Exchange Blog]

Does Wearing These Make Me A Geek -- With Nice Slacks?

A geek in fine clothing is still…  well…  a geek.  And believe me; it takes one to know one. J 

In case I haven't mentioned it within the past couple of days, I love my SCOTTeVEST clothing! The SCOTTeVEST company has never ceased to amaze me with its incredibly functional and always high-quality products, from vests to jackets to hats to ties. Finally, the company's founder, Scott Jordan, has developed the one clothing item that's been missing from its...

[Pocket PC Thoughts]

Public folder RSS Feed Event Sink

This looks kinda neat!


Messaging developer Glen Scales has lots of useful Exchange scripts on his blog, a recent one will update an RSS feed with public folder content...

"I've gone a bit RSS mad of late for today's edition I created an Event sink for public folders so when a new mail or post arrives into that folder it will fire a script that updates a feed with the last 7 days of posts. I guess the cool thing here is you can stick this on all the important public folders in your org and then use one web page to aggregate across all the feeds and present this back to the user as one single web page. Also it lets people subscribe to folders and receive notification of updates etc."

[MS Exchange Blog]

Monday, July 5, 2004

Motorola CN620: Seamless Wi-Fi to GSM Voice Calls

Well, it doesn’t look like much, but it sure came in at a good time.  One of my worst days is turning into a good day!!!!


Come on Vonnage!  Sponsor this phone! 

moto_wifi_1.jpg image

So I almost skimmed past this while reading a rumor about the MPx (that I'll talk about after the jump), but boy, I'm glad I didn't. According to information gleamed from the FCC site, Motorola's new CN620 clamshell is coming to town, and by town I mean 'the town where you can transfer Wi-Fi Voice-Over-IP calls to GSM, also known as Awesomeville.' The quad-band GSM phone supports all three major Wi-Fi standards and is targeted towards corporate users.

More about the CN620 and the MPx after the jump.


Saturday, July 3, 2004

Facetop: Ghostly Videoconferencing

This looks neat.  I guess it is better than having two separate windows…  I guess. 

facetop_2.jpg imageFacetop is an experimental videoconferencing implementation that superimposes a ghost image of the person you're talking to over an image of their desktop, allowing you to not only communicate with them via video but to share control of applications, watching them make changes as they go. Although the system is just software, essentially, because it uses extensions built into OSX it is expected to remain Mac-only until Microsoft launches Longhorn in a couple of years (although it's likely that someone would be able code something similar in Windows if they wanted).

It might be important to point out that the people in these screen shots aren't reflections -- that's the output of Facetop.
Read - 'Facetop' Blends Screen and Video Images [RolandPiquepaille via CoolHunting]


Delphi XM Roady 2 Reviewed

I have a version 1 and I *LOVE* it! 

delphi_roady2.jpg imagePC Magazine gushes about the Delphi XM Roady 2, an iPod-sized XM satellite radio receiver that fits easily into your car but can be just as easily removed and used elsewhere. Although the sound quality will be better if you hook up a wire to your stereo, the Roady2 comes with a built-in FM transmitter to make the connection as simple as possible. Of course, it won't do you much good if there aren't any stations on XM you like, but if you're already paying the $10 a month for the service, a pocket-sized all-in-one device will make a great option.
Read - Delphi XM Roady2 [PCMag]