Friday, October 8, 2004

PodCasting Without an iPod

I was just thinking this yesterday.  There was a great deal of discussion on this at Gnomedex.  Since I still don’t have an iPod I thought “why *cant* I have this timeshifted content on my iPaq? 

Why not call it NetCasting or TimeCasting or TimeShifted News…  Oh well.


So PodCasting—the ability to time-shift internet radio and the like and listen to it on your iPod whenever—is pretty cool, I guess, but its name is a little confusing, implying that it only works with iPods (probably because the first popular variant uses a program called 'iPodder'). Thing is, you can use iPodder along with Windows Media Player to PodCast on a variety of devices, including Pocket PCs and non-Apple music players. Jake Ludington has even written a handy tutorial to explain how to do it for at his "Media Blab."

So maybe we should—and I know this is just crazy talk—call this stuff something other than PodCasting? Probably too late, huh?

Podcasting with Windows Media Player [JakeLudington]


  1. I see you got the scode working, and the linkblog displaying properly. U Da Man! :)

  2. Well, partialy. The code is there but you don't have to type it... what did I do wrong?

  3. ahh, as soon as I turned off MT-Blacklist it works. :)