Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting mac mail, ical and address book to talk to Exchange 2003


Since this post still gets quite a few hits, I figured I would ask if folks are still running into this issue on newer versions of OSX?  I have been upgraded to Office365 and have a newer Macbook now so I don't need the davmail workaround like I did before.  If anyone out there still has an Exchange 2003 server, and they want me to to look into getting the newer Mac Mail app working with it, just send me an email and I will look into making an updated instruction manual.


I am adding some additional steps here to help some folks get over the downloading and configuring of DavMail.

Step 1, download Davmail:

the latest version will be under davmail (not davmail trunk or davmail beta)

As of this writing the latest is 3.8.8 and the mac version is listed last above the release notes.txt (

Step 2 Unzip (Do I need to explain this part?  Tell me if I do...)

Step 3 Put the file in the Applications folder

Step 4 Start

Here is where it gets weird, I have had this running for so long I cant remember if I had to answer any questions but I can tell you what I have for my settings....

Step 5 When I start DavMail I get a small icon in the try at the top of the screen.  Click on it (not right click for you windows prone users) and select settings. (if you do this and nothing seems to happen move all your windows and you will see the DavMail window hiding behind something 'you cant apple+tab to get to it')

Step 6 Enter entries:

OWA (Exchange) URL:    * note the trailing /  *

The rest on main are defaults... 1110, 1143, 1024, 1080, 1383.  Under delays: 30, 30, 90, <blank>

Proxy tab:  empty (for me, adjust to your specific needs)

Encryption tab: keystore type is JKS on my setup and everything else is empty (I assume this is defaults because I didnt change this)

Logging tab: log file path is empty and all types are set to warm except DavMail which is at DEBUG. (again this is default)

Advanced: server certificate has has something in it on mine but I didnt enter it.

Force ActiveSync update is checked.

Default windows domain has my domain name entered (no slashes, just the netbios short name)

IMAP auto expunge is checked....

Everything else is blank on this tab.

Again, most of this was out of the box defaults, I just had to put in the general tab and the rest was configured from within Mail, iCal and Address Book.....


OK, so if you are like me you have updated to Snow Leopard and have been having to resort to using a virtual machine (not a bad thing) to connect to your companies Exchange 2003 server. Face it, OWA is not good enough for a power user.

I have googled until my fingers have bled and could not find a solution that worked for me.... until now...

I am currently using mac mail, address book and ical to connect to an Exchange 2003 server through the help of

Their instructions are out of date as the screen shots are all based off of versions prior to 10.6 but here is where I deviated from what they had:

First get it installed. This part was easy and I just put in the full url that i use in chrome to get to OWA.

Adress Book was the kicker though. The old instructions were way off (although I did finally figure out where Directory Utility is in Snow Leopard (system preferences, accounts, login options, edit network account server, and there she is...)

But the actual fix was quite simple.

Address Book

Add new account:

next is the key because the instructions they have on their website say to put o=od which looked wrong and did not work for me. I had to put Search base to ou=people before things worked. Don't forget to change authentication to simple and put in domain\user and password...


For iCal I used CalDAV and the server path of localhost. note: just the username, not domain\user

When you hit create you will get an error, just hit create again.
The server path described on their website was slightly off from what I ended up with.
Just using /principals/users/ (where is your default email address on the host).
Don't forget to change the port to 1080 (or whatever port you put CalDAV on from within DavMail)

Mac Mail

I didn't have to do anything different from to get mail working.

Having said all this, I will let you guys know how things work over some time but for now I am just happy to have yet another Exchange email account ripped out of windows and placed in my happy Mac world :D


  1. Thanks for the info,

    I got everything works, but the adress book...

    it does not do anythings, if you have any clue..

  2. Just wasting some time on Digg and I found your entry. Not typically what I like to read about, but it was certainly worth my time. Thanks.

  3. Thanks. I spent ages trying to set up Address Book and you just solved it!
    Andy idea how to get the Contacts to sync locally on the mac's address book? (I'd like to be able to access Contact details when off line, without resorting to Entourage!)

  4. I managed to get mail to work but ical still times out using your settings above. I also haven't gotten the contacts to work. I am using Snow Leopard...

  5. Nevermind I got it all to work! Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. Very cool point, I also think the way you do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, very cool.

  7. Good stuff, and have done this for the last few weeks. However, my download rate has shot up as a result, and I'm over my ISP limit, resulting in speed restrictions...Am I doing something dreadfully wrong? It all works fine, but seems to endlessly download data...

  8. I've not had that issue but I will look into it.

  9. Help! I get error messages when I download the program.
    I am stuck using Parallels now and cannot stand to use Windows on my Mac.
    Please help

  10. Hi Phil, thanx for an excellent article.

    My boss shares his work calendar to me which I have to view in Entourage or iCal via a google cal account which seems a bit problematic.

    Will I be able to use you tutorial to access his info and then sync it to my iPhone?

    Many Thanx.


  11. Hi all. Phil, this worked like a charm in the exchange to iCal direction (i.e. I enter an appointment via browser to exchange and it appears on my iCal), but the reverse isn;t working (i.e. when I enter an appointment on my iCal it does not synch with exchange.) Has anyone else had this problem? Jeff

  12. Im not sure about that... I will poke around and see what I can find out.

  13. I had that problem one day and I think i either rebooted or at least killed davmail and restarted it. I also had outlook open within a VM and noticed that it takes a while for everything to sync up (added ical appointment to show up in outlook).

    One thing to make sure of. When you add an appointment in iCal, make sure you are putting it on your Exchange calendar and not on the 'on-my-mac' calendar.

  14. hi !, i have it working very fine at work , but when i get home and try to connect to my mail box thru MAIL it does not wort, fail to authentify "localhost" , any suggestion ?
    thx a lot

  15. Make sure davmail is running. Kill the process and restart it to make sure it's listening on the new ip address...

  16. I'm experimenting with DavMail on 10.6.4 client and Exchange 2003 server, and I like the integration with iCal. I can accept invitations and an acceptance eMail is automatically generated properly.

    However, if I enter an event and try to invite people, MY invitations seem to fall into a black hole; nothing is generated at all. Is this something that is expected and is simply not working right now, or am I doing something wrong?

  17. Has anyone been able to get a CardDAV account working in Snow Leopard's Address Book? I can connect to the LDAP server, but I can't get a CardDAV account to connect to my Exchange account Contacts. Anyone else have better luck?

  18. Hi Phil,
    Congratulations for your article, it is crystal clear and very helpful.

    I was trying for months to connect Mail to the exchange via OWA and I finally found today Davmail and your site. Although I managed to connect everything, I could not make LDAP work until I read on your article to put "ou=people" in the search base. This small detail made the difference.

    Thanks a lot for your work.

  19. I just got a new iMac at work and since we're still running Exchange 2003, I eagerly tried this but it hasn't worked at all for me. Address Book shows no contact and iCal consistently tells me authentication failure. I've cranked up the log setting in DavMail and can see it is failing on NTLM authentication but I have no idea where to go from here. The company sysadmin is very friendly and helpful but I don't really know what to ask him and I don't see anything useful in either the FAQs or bugs over at DavMail.

    Is this still working for you with DavMail 3.8.6 and 10.6.4? Any ideas of what to try next?


  20. You sir are a genius! After a little bit of trial and error (and actually reading your directions instead of looking at pictures), I am up and running.

  21. Pablo A. Sandoval RojasDecember 22, 2010 at 6:08 AM

    Great Post, really helpful.
    I manage to get the Address book to work, but only as a search is there a way to keep it always showing the names and phones...

  22. I have not been able to do that one... Sorry

  23. This is great, I have been trying to get my Exchange 2003 mail to work on my mac for some time.
    Only problem I have is that mail disappears if I go to the Exchange inbox, if viewed from all inbox's no problem, also already read mail on Outlook/OWA is not shown.

    Don't know if this is how it is, or I missed something on setup

  24. Fix'd,

    Looks like some windows crept in along with Exchange, close everything, reboot and it works.

    It's a pity setup was not as simple as iPhone/iPad as many major companies are sticking with Ex 2003

  25. LIFESAVER!!!!!

    Thank you thank you thank you. You know, if you really follow these directions it works like a charm! You're the man, thank you so much.

    Now I can use my mac to the fullest without having to concede to the trials of Entourage. What a horrible program.

  26. Hi there,

    it is not really going good for me.
    1. the mail is syncing but really slow
    2. can't get the ical and the address book to sync

    i am using macbook pro, latest OS X and exchange 2003

    please help me what to do..

  27. Thanks for your efforts in putting this together. Much appreciated!

    I haven't been able to make the address book work -- followed the steps one by one -- and was able to make everything worked BUT the GAL. Any input on how I can troubleshoot?

    Thanks again,

  28. YES! iCal and Apple Mail with name completion up and running in combination with a corporate Exchange Server 20007 with Outlook Web Access.

    Now I don't have to login anymore to see which meetings I have tomorrow and remember them, I can send mails from Apple Mail with my corporate e-mail address and e-mail addresses of my colleague just pop-up when I type their lastname.

    Such a time saver, thanks for extra info Phil.

  29. I had failed to use DavMail to do what you did (with success). Apparently, light-years of computer knowledge separate the programme (David Guessant I believe) and poor me.

    Nevertheless, DavMail is still a long term objective of mine. I just sorted today my problem out using Plaxo (a facebook-like social network, in its "for pay" solution) with all securities "on" to minimize possibilities of dissemination of information in the Plaxo network, as a go-between the office PC and the home mac. It worked, reasonably well. Still, a direct sync (instead of indirect as with Plaxo), more solid and more secure, is still my objective. Buying Exchange for mac does not seem to do for me, in spite of the fact jud Specer of Microsoft mac division is a legacy programmer.

    DavMail still appears to be my prime target solution.

    The complexity is still huge to me.

    I will jump into this as soon as I replace my 9-years old iBook (OS 10.4.11) by a more recent machine.

    Thanks for the work, seems quite readable to me.

  30. Hi, really helpful post.
    Got my Exchange calendar working just fine.

    A question though... is it possible to add a second Exchange 2003 calendar to iCal through the DavMail route at the same time?

  31. I really like this option in reading about it, but it appears to require a working knowledge of how to set up a server on a mac. I have a standalone mac on a windows peer to peer network which connects via OWA and RDC to a 2003 exchange server, so this really appealed to me.

    Can anyone point me in a direction for a step by step how to setup this dvmail in OSX 10.6.2? Because I can't find the information on the dvmail site, and setting up virtual servers on my machine and opening up ports scares me a bit.

    ANy help is appreciated.

  32. Actually, if you can download a dmg file and drag a Mac app to your applications folder, then start the app, the rest is covered in this post... It is kind of like having to open a VPN before you can get into mail only you are proxy-ing through this "server"...

  33. If you could give me more information it would help. Make sure to go over each option carefully (someone mentioned that the pictures alone were not enough). If there is something I need to change, someone please tell me and I will be happy to make updates. This has become one of the more popular threads on my blog so if something can make it better I am all for it.

  34. Update this post as I just added some additional steps to the top.

  35. I have everything working except the iCal autocomplete. I configured Directory Utility per the instructions on the DavMail site and the logs show the results being found they are just not being populated in the iCal invite list. Has anyone seen this and/or found a solution?

  36. Hy Phil and thanks for your clean and detailed explanation.
    One think I'd like to ask: as LDAP in Address Book is not so comfortable (you have to do a search, you can't browse the whole list of addresses), did you figure out *why* the cardDAV configuration doesn't work?
    I had the same problem yesterday and thanks Google I found your site with the LDAP configuration, but I still would like to have it in cardDAV mode.
    Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated!
    Thanks for your post!

  37. Having hunted around for a solution you have provided it, thank you. However I'm having problems setting it up. I've just acquired a macbook air for work and am trying to connect to my companies exchange 2003. Our IT team have set me up with Thunderbird, but I'm not getting on with it.

    I've got mail working, but cant seem to get iCal working. Using your notes and the settings in Thunderbird/lightning I keep getting the following error message at the final stage:
    The account information was not found
    "The server has not specified a calendar home for the account at "/users/ -- http://localhost:1080/"

    Please can you advise?

  38. it should be /principals/users/

    did you forget the /principals/ part?

  39. I tried that too and got the following :

    The account was not found
    The operation couldn't be completed. (DAVErrorDomain error 30.)

  40. Phil,
    I just want to gush. 2 years of despair. I have the only mac setup in our exchange 2003 environment. It now connects. iCal works, mail works. Address book not yet, not so easy. I see others also struggle, can you give a little more nooby advice.
    Phil, you are the man. Thank you.

  41. Thanks a lot.. My email works.. The ical and Address Book still not working though probably i don't have the correct path for them in the server..
    however when using Mail, its different experience from outlook. If you use Outlook you can create a personal folder and you can download the email from the server to the .pst file. Can you do the same using Mail? please help me out..

  42. Well....this is so close I can taste it.

    Mail sort of works...slowly slowly getting mail. Seems all the emails in my folders is OK but not getting any mail in the inbox.

    iCal works great.

    Cant get Address Book working yet.

    Will let it run overnight and see if it will ultimately sync all the mail

    Thanx for you efforts.

    Entourage is dead...I hope.

    Well done!

  43. Pretty cool guys you totally rock. A friend of mine was bitching about how much OWA sucks, I though it was not a big deal until he brought his mac home and I experienced it. Fuck No. No one should have to use a primitive web app like that. I think it runs on framesets, has not search capabilities or Rich Text Editor, but then again it is because is an 8 year-old solution right?

    On behalf of myself and my fiend, Thank you.

  44. Getting the following iCal error...

    The account information was not found. Async Operation timed out

    Anyone come across this error?

  45. Apple Address Book cannot "sync" contacts from Exchange server using DavMail as far as I know. All it gives you access to is live search against the Global Address List in Exchange. However, this is still pretty good, because it gives you very fast autocomplete in, iCal as well as Address Book even for contacts you haven't sent to before, which is better than Outlook can do.

    Also, you may have more trouble setting this up over the internet. I have had no performance issues over a LAN.

  46. Hi Phil,

    This is extremely helpful. In my case, I had two issues

    (1) when I first created the account for calendar, it perfectly sync'd up with the exchange. However, for some reasons, it automatically sent out the hundreds invitations for all existing past and future appointments in the calendars. It never happens again and I don't know why it happens, but it is something to be aware.

    (2) at LDAP setting, in my case, it worked with the following settings different from your setting

    - search base: o=od
    - user name: simple ID (not domain\id)
    - SSL on (not off)

  47. Hello Phil and everyone else,

    This looks very promising but I don't seem to be able to get iCal working either. I get a similar error to what michael andrews got. Here is what my computer says:

    The account information was not found.
    The operations couldn't be completed. (AYNetDBErrorDomain

    Has anyone figured out how to overcome this error?



  48. Fantastic guide thank you. I am having one problem though. After configuring Mail, for some reason localhost is rejecting my password. I've tested that the password is working by checking it via OWA. I've gone back and double checked all the settings and it looks to be setup OK. Any ideas please?
    Cheers, Brett

  49. Phil,

    While in the process of syncing mail folders and such this is what I experience: First the process takes a very long time and appears to frequently time out. Second, after about 10 minutes have gone by, "The IMAP server “localhost” rejected the password for user “myuserID”.

    Can you help me figure this out?

  50. Simply Brilliant - well done!

    (However,) while I can resolve my Exchange contacts in Address Book and see my Exchange calendar in iCal, I can't see the Exchange contacts or calendars in Outlook 2011? - is this the normal experience or am I missing something?

  51. Really appreciate the article. It's a pain working with the 2003 server dinosaur and had not had a good solution for syncing my calendar in ICal. Tried your settings but am afraid that I might need to tweek it. I'm getting the error:

    "The account information not found. operation timed out"

    Would you think that means my account settings are wrong or do I have Davmail setup wrong... Any suggestions?

  52. This is very good, and if you have multiple calendars on Exchange. My question is, my boss shares one of his calendars as the company calendar, how could I get that into iCal?

    I struggled for ages with this, the crucial bit for me was to use the exact primary email address for the exchange account, I was entering the address of one of my aliases.

  53. Great job, i manage to set it up, the sync is a bit slow comparing to my ipad but is still great to be able to use exchange in the mac.

    I wonder why exchange 2003 setting up is so easy in iPads or iPhones and Macs need a third party aplication to make it work...

    Thanks for the help Phil, great job.

  54. Has worked great so far, wonderful article.

    I have but one problem, having a thousand or so emails sitting currently in my inbox and a few thousand spread in between various sub-folders DavMail has been unable to successfully sync the inbox. I am currently showing 36 unread messages in my inbox, but cannot view ANY of them, read or unread. DavMail has been running for about 2 hours now, so I would think it would be all updated and ready to go. Any ideas on what the problem may be?

  55. All is working but the CardDav portion of the addressbook which contains contacts I have outside of the company GAL. I keep getting "Shared Addressbook configuration error" Anyone find a fix for this.


  56. I have set up Mail with 2003 Exchange, and I have mirrored 2 colleagues settings (which are from this site as well) and I can receive Exchange mail messages, but it won't let me send. It will sit in the Outbox for the account, then it will give me an error message "'' on port 1025 timed out" and gives me the list of outgoing mail servers, which the one I had set for this account is now showing as "offline" and asks to pick another sever... Any ideas?

  57. This post was a great help to me in setting up iCal and Mail.

    I aslo setup the LDAP server but really wanted the CardDAV to work with Snow Leopard Address book. After a great deal of playing, I finally got it to work.

    1. Attempt to setup the CardDAV using the address book "+" add account. Get the error that says it cannot autoconfigure.
    2. Shutdown Address Book.
    3. Edit the file /users/YOUR-LOGIN-ACCOUNT/Application Support/Address Book/Sources/GUID/Configuration.plist (You will need to use an editor tool like Text Wrangler or check out how to change plist files).
    4. Find the entry for server name
    Change it to look like this

    Note - do not forget the trailing "/" on the servername.

    5. Open Address Book and hey presto CardDAV sync works!!

    Hope you can get this working as well ....


  58. Hi there,

    Thanks for the tuto. I got the calendar working but I have troubles setting up my address book on 10.6.2.
    It seems fairly straight forward but...

    Anyone succeded? Any tips?



  59. Thanks, all working (now) BUT...

    Address Book. I put in your settings and it just sits there. Doesn't appear to even TRY to sync... Only have < 300 contacts so that should't take long (have gigabit connection to Exchange 2003 server).

  60. Hi there,

    This looks like a fantastic alternative to using Entourage. I only want to use iCal with my Exchange 2003 account. So I've unchecked all the ports under gateway aside CalDav and LDAP.

    When I click create on the first window I get the error

    'No CalDAV servers were found for "local".' Which I believe is correct.

    I then hit continue, and after typing the rest of your settings in, hit create and get:

    'The account information was not found.

    The operation couldn't be completed. (AYNetDBerrorDomain error 8.)'

    Any tips?

  61. Hello Phil,

    Everything (mail, ical, address book) was working well on snow leopard with exchange 2003.
    I've updated os x to Lion:
    - mail is still fine and even more better!
    - impossible to configure iCal
    - don't have to use address book, i haven't test it...

    I've you got an idea?


  62. Well, it's July 22nd, the day after Mac OS X 10.7 (aka "Lion") was released.

    I finally found that even though MobileMe's Exchange support on the iPhone and Microsoft Entourage works with Exchange 2003, but Lion's new Mail 5.0 does not!

    But thanks to DavMail, you can get Mail to work with Exchange 2003.

    Simply follow the instructions for installing DavMail, version 3.9.2-1700 as of this comment. The only deviation that I made to was to DEselect Caldav HTTP port in the DavMail Gateway Settings. Since, I have an iPhone and have been updating things through MobileMe, no sense in doubling the effect.

    The only other change was that I had to ADD my network's DOMAIN, i.e. domain\username, into the User Name fields for both the Incoming AND Outgoing Mail Servers.

    Hope this helps!

  63. Does this work with Lion?

  64. up and running with Lion. granted I have not installed from scratch with Lion.

  65. This is a great piece of s/w -- when Lion broke my mac's VPN client I needed a non-entourage solution. The only problem is that I can't seem to connect iCal (I keep getting the error message "Account can't be saved to disk. Multiple validation errors occurred." I'm using the config info described above, and searched the web (and tried many different permutations of information) to no avail. Any thoughts?

  66. I have got everything going except ical on lion. Anyone figured that one out yet? Is it a DAVMail issue or an Apple issue?

    Or am I just being dense, and there is no issue at all...

  67. Thank you for the instructions. I was able to get Mail working without a hitch. I'm having no luck with the address book or iCal. iCal is what's most important.

    I've done everything that's been suggested but after it tries to configure for about 30 seconds, I get an error.

    "The account information was not found. The request timed out."

    I'm using build 1750 of Davmail.

  68. I've been struggling with getting Mail 5 to work with davmail for a few days now - and the results are up and down. Sending mail is great, receiving not so good. My inbox just won't update properly. At the moment I have about 30 fresh emails in my exchange inbox that aren't showing up in Mail and there's no consistency at all.

    The only settings that I've inserted to this point are the Mail settings. No directory, no iCal and no Address Book. Is this where i'm going wrong?

    Is there anything that you might suggest?

    Should I delete all settings and accounts and start from scratch?

    Thanks for any help that you might have.

  69. Hi Phil,

    I got it running using your step by step well prepared guide.

    it was working quite well in the office wired to the server.

    but when I god home using a wi-fi, the sync take enormous time.

    on the other hand I am not able to get the address book and iCal running at all.

    I am on Lion.

    any ideas what might help??



  70. Hey Philip,

    First of all, thank you so much for writing this post. It has been so clear and so helpful for me to follow along to get things working!

    One question that I hope is simple to answer- When I followed your directions to set up iCal to my 2003 exchange server account, everything works fine until the end when I get an error that states- "The account information was not found. Async Operation timed out"

    Have you heard of anyone else having this same problem? If so- could you pass along some advice for how to get pass this issue?

    Thanks again!

  71. Hi Phil and others - I am having a difficult time getting LDAP and Address book to work. However I also cannot seem to find the Davmail log file anywhere on my mac. I need it to send to people for support. Does anyone using Max OS Lion know where the log file is kept? I have looked absolutely everywhere and they are nowhere. Thanks

  72. HELP!

    iCal and Address book doesn't work with DavMail on Lion. I have the latest up date. (3.9.3-1750)

    Mail Works great with Exchange 2003

  73. I am getting the same error as Sam above in iCal:

    The account information was not found.

    The operation couldn’t be completed. (AYNetDBerrorDomain error 8.)’

    Any idea what to do to fix this?

  74. Hi,

    can´t save Settings of DavMail, i always become:
    ERROR Unable to store settings: /Users/myname/ (Permission denied
    i used OSX LION


  75. I love you. You saved my life with this article.

  76. Hello,

    Please help. I'm going mad! I have a MacBook Air and am desperately trying to get it to speak to works Exchange 2003. I set up DavMail as per your great blog but Mail just will not work. It won't take the account online, it won't send or receive mail.

    Please, please help! :(


  77. PS It's with Lion

  78. Are you pointing mail to localhost and the altered port that davmail is listening on?

  79. Yep, pointing it to localhost and the port that davmail is listening on :(

  80. PS Thanks for the quick reply!

  81. Looking at the Davmail log when I load the following exception appears:
    "Host name may not be null"

  82. For the iCal setup I had to change two things in your setup ...
    1) I had to use localhost (not local as you have in teh screenshot)
    B) I *did* have to use domain\username as my username

    Hope this helps others

  83. Thank you so much. I have had davmail working with Outlook 2011... but struggled with GAL and Address Book. You were the ONLY one that said to use "ou=people" as the Search Base and that was the answer. You are my new best friend.

  84. To get iCal on Lion to work with Exchange 2003 via DavMail just follow the steps above, but instead of "local" use "localhost" and manually create the /principals/users/user@domain.tld if it doesn't exist. Worked for me :-)

  85. Kristian, how did you get Outlook 2011 working? I downloaded the Davmail on my macbook air, but can't get it to Run. I'm new to Mac so please provide detailed instructions if you are able.


  86. Philip,

    This is a great guide and got me up and running in just a few minutes. Thank you.

    Is there any way to get to allow me to use my Public Folders? My work exchange Server is Exchange 2003 SP 3.


  87. Philip,

    Mmmm, I spoke too soon. Really having problems with Address Book under Lion. Any ideas? I think I may have not set up Directory Settings correctly as I cannot find a good walk through for Lion

  88. Worked great for mail and iCal. Thank you so much!

    Haven't been able to get address book to work. Have tried your method and what Davmail website published but no luck. It accept the settings you suggest without error but never pulls in my work contacts. That address book remains blank.

    Any suggestions?

  89. Wow. thank you so much. I have been trying to figure out how to get global address book lookup with Apple Address Book with Exchange 2003 for the longest time. I already had DavMail working with Apple Mail and iCal, but was missing the global address lookup piece. You rock. Thank you!

  90. I have all the steps setup as described in the articles and I update the Mail preference address to use the LDAP setup. Everything works fine except for the iCal when I add invitee or from the address panel for new meeting, there is no name show up from the LDAP. It seems the iCal only connect to the local contact but not the LDAP. Any setup I miss?

  91. Hello, and thank you for your help.

    I'm able to successfully use davmail to connect Mac Mail 4.5, iCal 4.0.4, and Address Book 5.0.3 to my company 2003 exchange server, however after approximately 15 minutes or so my account becomes locked and i have to have our IT admin unlock it.

    All my application's ports -> Davmail match, and I've updated & 2x checked my password in those three applications as well as in Davmail. I'm stumped and tired of sending "Courier New" monotype e-mails from OWA.

    Any suggestions to resolve this issue?

    Thank you!

  92. Revision to previous comment:
    *I’m stumped and tired of sending “Courier New” monotype e-mails from webmail.

  93. First thanks for the tool and all the advices. I got it ICal (seems not to be 100% reliable) and Mail working and connecting, but not the address book. It connects to the server with CardDav, but its not getting any data and with LDAP its not connecting at all. I am on 10.7.2 and using Exchange 2003. Any ideas?

  94. I savor, cause I discovered just what I used to be taking a look for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  95. I was having problems with the whole LDAP part ; but thanks to your great tip on ou=people I'm now such a happy mac user!!! What a life saver, many thanks for posting!

  96. I got same error in iCAL
    The account information was not found.

    The operation couldn’t be completed. (AYNetDBerrorDomain error 8.)’

    i tired to setup the calendar in snowleopard and IPad also, without any success.
    one more question:
    can i open shared calendar as a caldav account ?

  97. Having migrated after all these years to a MAC and loving it - Getting my work email (with our crappy outdated 2003 Exchange) was the last piece.
    Struggled for ages but you are a star and a scholar, thanks!!


    However, when I create an iCal event and invite others, they do not receive the invite, and I get an invite in my inbox. I do not show the email being sent from my sent folder. any suggestions?

  99. I really love your website.. Excellent colors & theme. Did you develop this website yourself? Please reply back as IĆ¢€™m looking to create my very own blog and would like to find out where you got this from or just what the theme is called. Kudos!

  100. Hi Phil,
    Just found your blog on this (thanks!) and it works great for mail and calendar on snow leopard, but I can't get contacts to work and tried both cardDAV as well as the ldap route.
    Any thoughts?

  101. Hi,

    You may also check how to send SMS from MS Exchange 2003 with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway:


  102. May I ask someone for some real life example for the LDAP setup in getting the Address Book working ? In particular I am having trouble psyching out the Username. The reference to DOMAIN\Username.
    a) what is an example of the DOMAIN ? is it a URL or the last part of the url ?
    b) the Username- is it "ric" or " ?

    Thank you. I have it all working except the Address Book and that is a real loss.


  103. profession path{Appreciate your sharing|Many thanks

  104. Davmail and mountain lion are working? I could succeed to connect with mail, but not showing all mails. Second I cannot connect to IcAL as I get the message localhost is not corresponding - check your internet connection. Any idea?

  105. Your post is a lifesaver. Followed it to a T and everything is working. You are an amazing person!!

  106. This is the kind of post that advances the human race forward ;-) I am writing a post about how we use Trello within our company and I hope it helps people the way this one helped me get Exchange 2003 wired up to my iMac on Lion 10.7.


  107. I respect your work , regards for all the interesting articles .

  108. This is as close as I have come, but still no luck. I am unable to sync with GAL, the server with the specified hostname cannot be found with calendar, and IMAP server isn't responding, after following your instructions... HELP!

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  111. Hi Phil

    Thank you so much for this. I have been struggling to get my global address book and have been searching like crazy on Google! I write this thanks with "bleeding fingers" and it is now thankfully working and your instructions helped me in a huge way.


  112. It has been a while since I have been "around" to respond to many of the comments to this post. Due to the nature of my new job I no longer have the time to do such things like write books. I just post random photos and comments. But when I need to put something technical out there, so I won't forget it, I do post it here.

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