Thursday, May 25, 2006

Surveyor SRV-1 bot monitors your home on the cheap

 Hey John, you should do this to your robot… J

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If you have one of those floors that need very close monitoring throughout the day, the Surveyor SRV-1 is the robot for you. The little unit can crawl around your home at around one foot per second, and reports back on its surroundings with a miniature VGA camera. A 100 meter range Zigbee 802.15.4 wireless receiver is included to let the SRV-1 stream its findings to your computer and up onto the web, and you can control and monitor the bot with any major operating system or via a web browser. If you don't feel like taking manual control of SRV-1, he can do fine by himself driving around, navigating obstacles, and even communicating with others of his kind via IR. The best news is the price: at $375 for the bot, the charger and the wireless base station, SRV-1 shouldn't break the bank, and seems ready to provide some good times for the robot hobbyist within us all.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Flatulence Filter

I have SO got to have one of these….


Back when we worked in an office, trying to pass gas discretely when there were people around was the highlight of our day. Alas, more often than not, the keen nose of our coworkers would alert them to our rear-corridor escapades.

But, with the Flat-D odor absorbing pad under your buttocks, you'll be free to fart and fart 'til you get a chunker. The activated charcoal cloth pad sucks in all the smells that would normally contaminate the rest of the air.

Available now for $25.95.

Your Safe Chair [Flat-D via Core77]
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Horse Airbags

Give me a break!  Why not just live in an inflatable bubble?!?! 

We suppose this is eminently useful if you often ride the range in pursuit of the wild Jackalope or like to tip your ATV into the ravine of an evening. As we see, this is a wearable airbag that protects the neck, shoulders, front, and ass-bone, which is a medical term for the bone in your ass.

There is a wire that hooks to the animal or vehicle and pulls a key in the vest when you're thrown. The vests are refillable and quite handsome.

Product Page [MrTrailer]


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Want to set IT Policy in Exchange 2003 SP2 at a User level

I post this for me so I don’t forget.  The last paragraph talks about how to make individual exceptions to different settings so it’s not an all or nothing setting (like the only option available in the ESM). 

During MEDC a number of customers have asked me if it's possible to set Exchange 2003 IT Policies at a user level rather than at the Organization level.

You can actually do this and it is possible using XML.

It was actually documented by the Exchange team some time back now - few people are aware of it so I wanted to highlight it..... 


Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Riot Goo

I couldn’t resist posting this just because it has the word “goo” in it.  Hehe, he said goo.  Sorry I have been so quiet lately.  Been busy with work and life and have not had a bunch of free time. 

Researchers at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas are apparently huge fans of The Ghostbusters. A recent patent filed by them shows a tank of goo carried backpack-like by riot police.

A hose extends from the tank to a nozzle, which when shot, combines a jet of water with a jet of dry powder into a single powerful stream of splurge that causes everybody in the area to fall down. Even cars are not immune as they go sliding faster than a Japanese drifter.

Any invention that calls for less bean bags shot to our face is a good one in our book.

Riot slimer [NewScientist]
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