Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Israeli skunk bomb

5 YEARS?!? 

Israel defence forces

We’re all for non-lethal weaponry, and we’re not the only ones who found it pretty encouraging when the hardcore Israel Defense Force start developing things like rubber-bullet guns (pictured right). But you’ve really got to feel for those rock-wielding rioters when they bust some worse-than-lethal non-lethal weaponry, like, say, the ultimate stinkbomb. The IDF is touting a synthetic skunk-spray odor-mortars, which admittedly doesn’t sound so bad until you find out that it’s so pungent that the stink stays on your clothes for 5 years. Remember, this stuff is way stronger than the real deal, which you’ve probably only caught whiffs of from a moving vehicle; we hear that few have had their faces doused with skunk-ass and lived to tell the tale.

[Via Near Near Future]

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