Sunday, September 5, 2004

How to Enable web based viewing and remote control over your Tivo.

Looks kind of neat but after all that is done… BeyondTV still works a bit better and doesn’t have a recurring fee.  Given time though, there could be a more streamlined way to do this. 

tivo_web_example"How to Enable web based viewing and remote control over your Tivo" is a geeky guide to controlling and streaming your TiVo from a website. It involves hacking together an IR remote that can be remotely controlled, and combined with output sent to Quicktime's streaming server, it certainly looks like a plausable way to do intranet sharing of your TiVo.

After getting it to work with a handful of simple parts, the author reports that internet viewing was possible, at 10 frames per second, and even possible on his phone when the stream was reduced to 3 fps. It mentions that there is a 10-15 second lag when controlling it remote, which would make surfing through TiVo menus time-consuming and tedious, but once video is streaming, it sounds like a great hack. Also, the coolest thing about the use of IR blasters is that it'll work with any TiVo, including new ones. [thanks George]

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