Thursday, September 2, 2004

More Hands-On With the iRiver PMC-100

Amen to that!  If Tivo would make a portable media player that would allow you to pull shows off your main Tivo I might buy a new Tivo and ditch BeyondTV….  Well, ok, so that’s a lie.  But it would be cool. J 

iriver_pmc_ak5.jpg imageSorobanGeeks got their hands on the iRiver PMC-100 series, the Microsoft Portable Media Center player that's expected any day now in stores. They also had a short sit down with the Vice President of iRiver's parent company, who seems to have a real hard on for Microsoft in the upcoming portable player wars, because the "PMC OS will work in total harmony with the future operating systems of Microsoft." I suppose that's true in a sense, but I still think that until someone can provide plug-and-play functionality, be it Big M or someone else, none of these players are going to be widely adopted. They're just too big of a pain to use.

You know who should make a portable media player? TiVo.

Read - iRIVER Press Conference... 1ères photos live de leur PMC !!! [PMW.SorobanGeeks]

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