Monday, September 20, 2004

Ivan Update

Ivan Update

Well, lots of news to talk about. John “Noggin” Butler and family have power again. John said that the power was from a nearby plant that generates its own power. There were crews going down Bell Lane fixing things up until 6:30. My mom said that there were crews out late in her neighborhood as well. Most of all the trees have been cut up and should be hauled out this week. My Aunt Vicky drove down from Huntsville with supplies and most importantly, a battery powered inverter. J They are hoping that there will be power later today. My Grandma Mo’ is doing alright. Her house wasn’t hit as bad as we first thought. Seems there is a tree leaning on the house but it doesn’t look like it pierced the roof. They were going to try and get to it today and assess the damage.

If you have not seen any of the pictures, take a look at these.

Fort Pickens

More of Fort Pickens. The small line at the top is the beach wall which usually has a beach on the other side of it…

Access road to Fort Pickens.

The Pensacola News Journal web site is where these came from. They have over 300 photos of the area. The damage is just devastating.

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