Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Optic Nerve Cameras for the Blind

Wicked cool!  One step closer to having a T-1 jack in the side of the head.  Which, if you have been a long-time reader, I am going to get two of when they come out...  One on each side of the neck/head. :)

headplug.jpgIt's very possible we live in the era where blindness, in many forms, will be cured by the same people who gave us the world's best beers. Brussels-based Belgian boffins have moved forward with a technology that uses a glasses-mounted camera hooked up to an implant that directly stimulates the optic nerve. The project by the cyberpunky brewsters is just one of many around the world pursuing a similar solution, but this particular rig-up is said to have "the best results."

This picture is actually from an older, New York-based project that is now sadly defunct.

Camera-Mounted Spectacles May Restore Sight - EU [Reuters via MedGadget]


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