Monday, February 14, 2005

Nokia licenses Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync

This sounds cool.  I just recently (today) installed the PPC version of GoodLink.  (Version 3.7)  And after lunch, I removed it!  Ugh!  I missed 3 calls because Good was using the data connection and unlike the version for the Treo, you can not set it to offline mode without turning off the whole dang phone.  The other downside was that it uses a different database to store contacts in.  That meant that when inbound calls came in, Microsoft Voice did not announce the name.... And when I said "Call Technodaddy" it just asked if I wanted to call Customer Care, which happened to be the ONLY contact in the PocketOutlook contact database.


Anyway, I am back to using the Exchange 2003 OTA ActiveSync for my PPC-6601 and loving it. :)  Thank God for backup files!

Nokia to provide easy wireless access to Exchange Server 2003 data, including wireless email, calendar and contacts in future mobile devices.

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