Friday, November 19, 2004

Xcelis unlimited cellphone calling plan

Hey, this looks cool.  It's not available yet for Sprint but when it is I may try it.

Xcelis logoSince many cellphone carriers offer unlimited minutes for calls to users on the same network, Xcelis has capitalized on this and is offering a $10 per month plan that (in addition with your regular cellphone service fees) lets you call anywhere in the US and Canada for as much as you want. After calling one of the Xcelis network phone numbers and entering in the phone number you wish to call, they route the call over the Internet via VoIP or a landline, which is why they claim they’re able to offer unlimited calling for such a low price. It’s all a bit on the dodgy side, (all those cruddy pixelized graphics sure don’t help), but they are offering new users a free 7 day trial, so we’ll leave it up to you guys to be the guinea pigs here. 

[Thanks, Marc]

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