Thursday, November 18, 2004

Slim Devices' Squeezebox now in four delicious colors

They also came out with 5.4.0 on the server software which is quite nice.  They added better support for other music formats.  They also are offering a deal where you ship them your CDs and they will rip them all onto DVD-ROM for you..

Slim Designs Color Squeezebox

The Squeezebox, Slim Devices’ iTunes-compatible network player is now as colorful as an iPod Mini.  See, it now comes in four delicious colors: Rhapsody in Blue, Tangerine Dream, Purple Haze, and Triple Platinum, dude.  In a bid to create some hype around the Christmas season, the limited edition color players can only be purchased from their website for $209 ($289 for wireless).  They ship next week.

[Thanks, Greg]

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