Tuesday, November 23, 2004

First Treo 650 hack: Enable the Bluetooth dial-up networking profile

Hehe, I did the PDA to PPC-6601 yesterday... It was fun.

Treo 650

That was hella fast. The Treo 650 has been in people’s hands for what, like five or six days, and somebody’s already hacked the Bluetooth so you can use it as a wireless modem with your laptop (or if you’re super geeky, another PDA). This is despite Sprint’s best attempts to preempt anyone from doing this by announcing they were going to add the DUN profile to Treo 650 sometime next year, too. Apparently you don’t even need to install PDAnet, anymore either, but just make sure you don’t stream too much audio or video or host your website on your Treo or else you might arouse the interest of Sprint’s bandwidth police (they forced us to stop hosting Engadget on a cluster of Treos several months ago).

[Thanks, David]

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