Tuesday, November 30, 2004

TROPICAL STORM OTTO Public Advisory Number 1

Otto?!?  I thought the season was over?

Issued 4 PM EST TUE NOV 30 2004
[National Hurricane Center (Atlantic)]

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  1. Tropical Storm Otto apparently is on its, his, way south for the winter dissapating all the way from 50°W long and 27°N lat to 24°N lat along what apparently is a straight line southerly then poof will be naught but a tropical wave from 12/06/2004 on into eternity. The URL I have included is a picture of MANGANESE a metal ore that is essential for the production of iron and steel, so I understand. But the POINT is, if you like "points", that the USS Cyclops was carrying manganese out of Brasil headed for Baltimore Md, supposedly, and was located near Barbados, 13°N lat, 59°W long on March 4th 1918 when the war vessel and coal and ore ferrying ship DISAPPEARED! Well, Tropical Storm Otto is going to disappear at a point nearly in the vicinity of where the USS Cyclops would have disappeared if its questionable Captain Worley and Ambassador Gottschalk decided to make a break for Germany with a disagreeable crew and a condemned killer on board with 300 or so US Navy crewmen and several trainees or passengers whose fate is totally unknown, surmised as victims of being near or in the haunted Bermuda Triangle near which, a little to the east, that is, hovers toward disspation the last named storm of 2004, OTTO. My dim intelligence tells me that, on their way home, the NWS NOAA and other storm spotting and studying teams and aircraft, ships and whatnot, satellites, that's what, can simply home in on what would be an ancient wreckage, circa 1918, filled with manganese, sunk to the bottom of the sea between Otto and Miami and Barbados and Bermuda and come to the same conclusion I have. The aliens and the Phantom Zone of Jorel and Lex Luthor, Superman fame, that is, consult DC Comics for copyright info, can't get near the sunken USS Cyclops either, but now undercover of a shrinking violet named Tropical Depression, once powerful, Storm, Otto, and with the help of the newly commissioned submarine Texas, manned by an EXPERT modern crew of super professionals, have a chance to bring in the big one, a new atomic structure of manganese aged in seawater in or near the Bermuda Triangle, tainted a little with Captain Worley's rum, or what ever he drank, and the tragedy of all those who died on board or disappeared out there, clean it up a little and bring it all back home to power the time machine and get the Age of Aquarius underway pronto prototypically and once and for all by just throwing a little chromium switch there. Or as Al would say to Sam on the Quantum Leap TV series, "You can't change the past in any way that will, you know, change the future so that the future won't be there, but what Ziggy, the computer, says you can do is change the future, so that what should have happened, does. Once that happens, you're on your way home, or at least moving through the quantum continuum." To effect a similar change for the better this year, I think we should resort to cloud seeding the likely rainmaking portions of Otto now, creating a little stir, and then sit back and watch GHOST SHIPS battle PIRATE SHIPS on the HIGH SEAS. Did you know Popeye the Sailor was created in a totally different manner, but it WAS 75 years ago. Happy Birthday Popeye? At least we can play Storm Otto this tune on the loud speakers on the way home, "He's strong to the finach cause he eats his spinach, he's Popeye the Sailor Man, hoot hoot." Happy Holidays 2004 and Happy New Year 2005.