Thursday, August 12, 2004

Sombrero-Wearing Webcam

I used to have my webcam looking through the eyehole of a hockey mask.  People found it intimidating when I put a ball cap backwards on the top and had a bush axe to the right of it… J 

mexicanusbcamera300_3.jpg imageGod, I really hope this is a trend. Not the part where O'Rite Technologies' Webcam 352 looks like Kenny from South Park - I couldn't care less about that - but the fact that the defining feature of the webcam is that it comes with little outfits to dress it up. Specifically, as reviewed by I4U, a little Mexican get-up complete with sombrero.

This is it, folks. We have seen the future, and it is tiny sombreros for consumer electronics. I could not be more proud of the electronics industry than I am today. I am seriously misting a little here.

Read - Sombrero Wearing USB Webcam 352 Review [I4U]

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