Wednesday, August 18, 2004


This looks neat… It would be better if I had an iPod.  You know, my birthday is right around the corner. J  No tequila this time please…  I still don’t remember all of my last birthday. 

iboom-4G_lo.jpg imageDigital Lifestyle Outfitters has announced the iBoom, a 20-watts per channel, four-speaker boombox designed to holster the iPod and iPod mini. Although it looks like most of the controls will still be handled on the iPod itself (although there are separate ones for the built-in FM radio), the iBoom offers yet another way to impose your impeccable music taste on everyone else.

No word on price, sadly, but it should be available in late September at Everything iPod.

Read - Retailer Page [EverythingIpod]

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