Thursday, August 12, 2004

Fatal Vision Beer Goggles

Too funny.  Not that I think I need them but I do know a few who might need to take a pair with them when they go to Gnomedex! 

fatal_vision.jpg imageIf you've been dying to experience the trippy visual distortion or the impaired driving ability of being drunk without the side effects people usually get drunk for, you're in luck. Fatal Vision, a company focused on impairment education, has created "beer goggles" and a vehicle which will do just that.

Four different levels of intoxication are simulated by an equal number of goggle types, ranging from a blood alcohol content level of less than .06 to greater than .2. SIDNE, the vehicle, has a delayed response to actions in order to simulate drunk driving. And at $8,495, its a bargain in comparison to downing a couple of margaritas!

Naturally, lengthy disclaimers on the site make it clear that these precise numbers are bunk. The goggles and car "demonstrate the concept of impairment and the dangers of impaired driving" -- but don't precisely simulate said effect.

At $149 a pop, the "beer goggles" are one expensive trip toy. But what I want to know is: will they make ugly people more attractive? Because if so, I know some married people who could use them.

Miriam Boon is a freelance science writer. She can be reached at miriamboon at nasw dut org

Read - Product Page [FatalVision]


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