Thursday, August 19, 2004

Ahhhh, no spam

 Well, I figured out that it takes about 4 levels of spam protection to not have any spam in your inbox.  I actually have resorted to sending test messages because I thought email was broke.  Turns out it was working, but I don’t get much spam.


First off, all inbound email gets run through spamassassin.  I have a .procmailrc file that takes everything with a 10 or more rating and routes to /dev/null. (Thanks Technodaddy)

After that, all remaining ham/possible spam gets routed through some hardware devices from work that are autolearning spam protection devices.  I get a report once a day that shows me all the blocked email and it does an awesome job.

From there Exchange 2003 has a new add-on that rips out UCE messages.

As a last result, I have SpamBayes, an Outlook plugin, configured to send possible spam to one folder while spam is moved to the Junk-Email folder.  I get *maybe* one or two messages every other day that show up in that folder.


Email is actually useful again.  Oh, and since Exchange 2003 is in the mix, RPC over HTTPS rocks!!!!

1 comment:

  1. PopFile is still working well for me. I still get a ton of spam, but I have a rule that moves it to my spam folder for daily/weekly deletion. Not as good as your setup, but it works for me.