Wednesday, September 18, 2013

And now for something completely different.

Along with completely changing the website.  Which I have to say, had been kind of left alone for a loooong time.  I got started hooking it up to all the Googly things and FB and such but then I realized I had been paying godaddy $5 a month for a loooooong time to host my blog.  (Long ago I switched all the email to google)...  So I took the plunge and moved it all over to 'free' offerings.  Strange things are afoot at Google.  Strange, yes....  But good.  Merging of this, merging of that.  So I moved everything over to see where it takes me.  Now, do me a favor, leave a comment and let me know that this thing is still working. :D
Oh and is it supposed to be Labels of Google+ or just #Google+ or what?  Does that mean I'm getting too old?  Wait, don't answer that.

And, shameless kitty photo.

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