Wednesday, April 13, 2005

SnapStream Beyond TV Beta Program Update

Looks like we will see some new stuff from BeyondTV!!

Here are some new features we can talk about:

Language Localization
The first option, for our international customers, is a build that
includes French and German language and regional settings support into
the Beyond TV product.  This means that most all of the product from the
Installer to Viewscape has been translated by professional linguists
into both languages.  As well, all of the date/time formats now honor
the local system settings, so you no longer have to see "3:00pm" when
it's really 15:00 o'clock. 

Codename Retro
The second option, for our more adventurous testers, is the new
"Codename Retro" set of builds.  Retro is the name for our next
generation product that includes a number of cool features (some of
which are so top secret we can't even mention them yet :) ).  The first
feature is the ability to back capture live tv.  This means that if
you've watched a show in live tv and decide to keep it, when you hit
"record" it will record all of the show back to where you started
recording it.  Also new is the ability to listen to and time shift FM
radio.  If you have a tuner card with a radio input, you will be able to
listen to all of your favorite stations through Beyond TV.  As well, you
can pause, fast forward and rewind just like you can in Live TV. 

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