Wednesday, December 15, 2004

SilverStone LC11 Micro ATX Home Theater PC Case

Oooooh, I want one of these to put my BeyondTV setup into. :)

silverstone_lc11.jpg imageWhite is fine and dandy for consumer electronics until they get into the ol' A/V rack, then you want black or silver (or if I had my druthers, wood grain veneer as far as the eye can see). SilverStone's new LC11 Micro ATX home theater PC case looks like it gets it right, then, with options in either color, as well as a quartet of USB 2.0 ports on the front, as well as audio and FireWire inputs on the side. I'm not sure if the side-mount bit is good or not, but I could see it going both ways. If you're building your own Micro ATX-based home theater PC, the SilverStone is not a bad looking box, and it's only $150. The 240-watt power supply means that it's no good for gaming, though, so don't try.

SilverStone LC11 Micro ATX HTPC Enclosure [eHomeUpgrade]

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