Monday, December 13, 2004

Siemens SX66 for Cingular available

Here you go TechnoD.  This is their version of the PPC-6601, which I have had for about 3 weeks.  It is also the reason I have not made many posts as I have been too busy reading and playing jawbreaker...erm, using the bluetooth connection to VPN and work hard all night... yeah, right.... :)

Siemens SX66Cingular Wireless has finally launched the Siemens SX66, the Pocket PC phone with the slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 3.5-inch LCD screen, 400MHz Intel Xscale processor, quad band GSM/GRPS, an SDIO expansion card slot, and built-in Bluetooth and 802.11b WiFi (yes, it’s basically the Blue Angel/XDA III). The SX66 has a talk time of 4 hours and a standby time of 7 days, and can be yours for $550—but only if you sign a two year contract with Cingular.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this one in]

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