Thursday, December 30, 2004

Poker Hand Slang

I found this and, since I plan on playing a BUNCH of Texas Hold 'Em durring the next week I figured I would share them.... Ok, it's realy so that I can easily come back here and read them.


The project list for the week off is extensive. Finish How to Lose Your Job, Pt. 2... seriously mess around with Photoshop via a fine Xmas gift from the Mom... tidy up my bookmarks to make some sense... hey, I should clean-up my local bookmarks, as well. NOTE TO SELF.

Oh yeah, I'm going to play some poker, as well. In preparation for a Vegas trip in February, the boys are gathering together to put in some reps in at a local casino. The idea being to get a feel for a professionally run poker game versus the home game where we're drunk, loud, and sloppy. Not that you can't do the same in Vegas, it's just that you'll lose lots of cash to folks who aren't.

I've been putting together a list of slang to describe Texas Hold 'Em hands for a few weeks now. It's a list of common and uncommon names for those two hole cards that I've collected from websites too many to credit here, so I'll just say THANK YOU INTERNET.

22 = Ducks, Quackers, Barely Legal
33 = Crabs
3A = Baskin-Robbins (31 flavors)
44 = Mid-life Crisis, Magnum, Sailboats
45 = Jesse James
55 = Presto, Speed Limit, Nickles
57 = Chevrolet, Heinz
5T = Walgreens
66 = Kicks
69 = Big Lick, Dinner for Two
72 = Beer Hand
76 = Union Oil
77 = Hockey Sticks, Mullets, Sunset Strip
7T = Split
88 = Snowmen, Piano Keys
95 = Dolly Parton
99 = Get Smart, Gretzky
TT = Dimes, Boxcars
J4 = Flat Tire (What's a jack for?)
J5 = Motown (Jackson 5)
JJ = Hooks
JA = Jackass
Q3 = San Francisco Waiter (Queen w/ a tray)
QQ = Hilton Sisters, Siegfried and Roy
K3 = Seafood
K9 = Fido, Canine
KJ = Kojak
KQ = Marriage, Mixed Marriage
KK = Cowboys, Krispy Kreme, Gorillas (King Kong)
AJ = Ajax
A8 = Dead Mans Hand
AQ = Mrs. Slick
AK = Big Slick
AA = Pocket Rockets, American Airlines, Bullets, Alcoholics Anonymous

[Rands In Repose]

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