Tuesday, June 8, 2004

The Cows Says, Mooooove it by Wi-Fi

And we thought we were joking a while back (couldn’t find the post as it was pre-MT) when we talked about BRAWN


Bovine Roaming Area Wireless Network. J


Maybe they saw our post and decided to make it happen. 

GPS, Wi-Fi, shock collars combine to make a movable virtual cow fence: It's a little strange, but cow-herding-by-wire (or by wireless) might become a way to manage long herds. A collar with an embedded GPS and Wi-Fi and the ability to make sounds or produce shocks could allow a farmer to wrassle cattle virtually, avoiding more expensive management techniques. The Wi-Fi is used to convey GPS coordinates. Solar-powered Wi-Fi hubs could handle relying information back to a central control....

[Wi-Fi Networking News]

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