Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Eclipse TD Lulét Mini Speaker System

This would be a cool addition for you TechnoD!!!  Just hook that shiny volume nob thingie to it and hook it to the squeezebox!!  Wow! 

307_sub_img.jpg imageAlthough suggested to me as an iPod solution, there's absolutely nothing keeping you from using the Eclipse TD Lulét speaker systems for anything from home theater to gaming -- in fact, they're designed to be easily mountable anywhere, like most other small speakers. If you do want to use the Lulét system with an iPod or other portable player, though, the accompanying amplifier will make sure you've got enough wattage to push either the 2.1 (or the 5.1 system, although using that with a portable player might be a waste of 3 perfectly good channels). The 307 Lulét line isn't their only setup, either, if you're looking for something with a little more punch than mini-system gear. (Thanks, Tim!)
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