Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Air Force PreggoRobo Guard Bots

Oh what I could do with one of these. J  And it has a minibot too! Hold the phone!! This sucker is right near Pensacola!!! TechnoD, go see if you can get some pictures of one of these things eh? Just move slow and don't make any sudden movements. :) 

040628_robotProtection.jpg image

Bless the maker, I think this Air Force patrol robot is giving birth to a smaller, tracked robot. Oh, it is! That's it, I don't care if this guard bot can shoot missiles or distinguish between hostile or friendly targets; hell, it could kill us all on a lark for all I care. Military robots giving birth to smaller robots? Let's order dozens immediately.
Read - Air Force testing robots as security guards [MSNBC]

Inside Sarcos Exoskeleton Lab [Gizmodo]
Pekee Mobile Robot Platform [Gizmodo]
SpyBot Wall Climbing Camera Bot [Gizmodo]


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