Monday, May 24, 2004

Microsoft Announces Windows for Super Computers

Hmm, I have mixed feelings about this.  MS has definitely kept me fed and sleeping indoors but there is a part of me somewhere that squirms and says “NO NO NO NO!!!”  I don’t know what it means yet though. 

Microsoft announced Monday that it would create a new Windows version aimed at high-performance computing, an area that rival Linux has largely dominated lately. Dubbed Windows Server HPC (High Performance Computing), the new Windows version will be designed by a new High Performance Computing Team at Microsoft headed by Kyril Faenov, and may be accompanied by an HPC version of SQL Server. In a recent interview with Microsoft vice president Bob Muglia, I asked about areas in which the company was doing poorly against the competition, and only one important market came up: High performance computing. "One workload I think we've historically done poorest in is high-performance computing," Muglia told me. "But that's an area where we're making some ongoing investments too."

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