Monday, May 10, 2004

FrogPad One-Handed Keypad

 This looks kind of cool.  If the form factor works you could even make it “into” other things, or make it “virtual” so that you only see it if you are wearing a HUD. J

FrogPad's one-handed, Bluetooth keyboard

FrogPad has come out with a Bluetooth version of their one-handed keyboard. I've been tempted to try this. The FrogPad is one-fifth the size of a conventional keyboard. I've wanted to try one of these and see if I could acclimate to it. This might be better than folding chiclet keyboards for entering lots of data into a PDA or tablet. A one-handed keyboard is also more useful in a wearable situation (i.e. strapped to a wrist or leg).

[Windley's Enterprise Computing Weblog]

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