Friday, March 19, 2004

TiVo Will Die

Boy this is a depressing topic.  I still remember Bill ranting and raving that I *needed* to get one of these devices.  After getting to look at one over at TechnoDaddy’s house (he caved under the pressure of Bill) I decided to cave too.  The world has never been the same.  Tivo has done so much for the world of PVR, DVR or whatever you want to call the digital VCR…  So much so that it has become a verb (I Tivoed last nights Survivor so don’t tell me who got the boot).   


The reason I agree with the comments though is also just as sad.  Tivo started a revolution.  They had the best hardware, it was simple to use, but then they just sort of stopped.  For those of us who jumped on board with the Series 1 we are left out in the cold.  No new updates and if we want some of the new features we are told to upgrade to a Series 2.  IS there a trade in?  No, have to fork over for a whole new unit…  You loose all your season passes, stored shows and so on.  Even if you do get a new one, you are still forced to either pay a high price for lifetime subscription or pay 12.xx per month for guide data.


I have officially turned off my Tivo and called them to cancel my monthly subscription.  Why?  BeyondTV  makes an awesome PC based PVR app.  I have placed a PC in the spot where Tivo used to be and now I can do absolutely everything that I could do with Tivo… And more!  Take everything Tivo can do, pause live TV, make season passes, etc and add the fact that you can stream to other PCs, Pocket PCs, etc.  You can tell it to record something remotely via web site, you can add shows to the recorded list from shows you download or make yourself.  Oh, and after you buy the software you don’t pay monthly guide data fees!!!!  And the next version of BeyondTV is going to support multiple tuners!!!  The only way to get that with Tivo is to go DirectTV!  How lame is that?


Thank you Tivo for getting the ball rolling and showing the world that it was possible but your time has come to be replaced by the new king of TV…


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