Friday, January 9, 2004

TiVo To Go!

Maybe this would mean I need to get the Home networking add-on?  I sure like the quality that Tivo records in but I keep thinking I could do better on an upgraded BeyondTV machine… 

Awesome! TiVo has announced a new upcoming ability to copy TiVo shows to PC or DVD! Check out the full details HERE, or here's a snippet...

TiVo to Go is what they're calling their new video extraction, which sounds like it will be some DRM protection scheme applied to recordings you can download to your PC from your TiVo. They'll also allow you to burn downloaded shows to DVD. It'll be interesting to see how the TiVo hacking community uses/modifies/cracks this technology. If they wanted to prevent all piracy, I'm surprised you can burn DVDs, as it seems the content is pretty much fair game for DVD rippers at that point, but perhaps they won't allow DVDs to play on anything but computer DVD drives that carry your encrypted TiVo key. It doesn't launch until Fall of 2004, which seems like a long time in such a lively marketplace. Hopefully they don't deliver it too late to market.


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