Saturday, January 17, 2004

It's ALIVE!!!

OK, it's 4am and I have been up all night... Having a friggin blast!!! My MythTV server is up and running. Granted, it is on the old motherboard so I expect it to be slow as all get out but hey, this was just practice before I get my new 2 GHz motherboard on Monday. :) Anyway, if you haven't checked out MythTV and you are a Tivo/DVR kinda person then check it out!

Durring the next week I will be fiddling with this thing and for my next trick I will be putting a second TV tuner in the system.. hehe.. hehe.. :)

The goal is to either have 2 servers with 2 tuners each, or heck, just put all 4 in one box (don't know if the system is strong enough for that though) Doing this will allow me to get rid of the Tivo (unless I can use it as a front-end for Myth) and also get rid of this pittifull excuse for a DVR that Time Warner is using. That saves $26 a month too!

Oh, did I mention it's all free? Open source is great.

As I sit and watch it pull in all the guide data I am beginning to get a bit sleepy.. Maybe I will crash for a few hours..

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