Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Three degrees to Kevin Bacon

Here is a snip from Marc’s Voice.  Go figure… MS stands up to the RIAA. Hehe



Microsoft has a social networking environment - called Three Degrees - which allows folks to listen to music - at the same time.  I thought that that music could ONLY be 'legally purchased' from Microsoft - but it turns out it'll let you 'share' listening with up to 10 people - with any MP3.

This is key, as apparently Microsoft went to the RIAA - to work out the 'deal' ahead of time. It seems like Microsoft lawyers pointed out (I'm sure very politely) that indeed, the copyright laws do allow us to 'fair use' and since we're Microsoft and we just beat you in court on outright monopolistic policies - we Microsoft - have every intention of exercising our Constitutional/Bill of Rights/Copyright rights - and we're gonna enable some 'fair use'.

That's called a precedent folks. That means WE can do the same thing, and hide behind Microsoft on this one.  And THAT's how to perceive and use Microsoft - in today's day and age. 


[Marc's Voice]

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