Tuesday, November 18, 2003


It’s been a while but I am still here.  I have finally gotten my home media center server (Not the MS OS) running.  I feel it has reached the level of completeness that I can at least talk about it.


I have an older 700Mhz Duron machine that is running windows XP.

I installed a GeForce NVidia card (the 128 meg kind) and an AverTech TV tuner in the thing a while back and also purchased SnapStream from a while back.  This is almost, but still not quite, a replacement for my Tivo.  The one thing I like is the fact that you can stream the shows to other computers on your network (even the internet as some of you know).  I have it hooked into the entertainment center in the living room so that we can switch between Tivo, SnapStream, DVD, Xbox, and oh yeah… A VCR. K

Since my buddy TechnoDaddy got me hooked on SLIMP3 ( I have been on a quest to make it also live on my media server.  That is now complete.  I have quite a bit of tunes now and the kids have all learned how to watch their cartoons (recorded on the snapstream) and also listen to the music recorded on the media server.

Add to that, I just got my hands on an Audrey made by 3Com.  It took some poking around but I found a reference with google on how to fix a shoutcast streaming MP3 error and applied that to my device.  Viola!  I am now able to listen to my SLIMP3 stream on the Audrey…  The music quality on this device is awesome!.

Lastly I was trying my darndest to get my iPAQ to listen to the SLIMP3 stream too as it already can watch shows from the SnapStream.  I found a program last night called gsplayer that runs on the PocketPC that will stream mp3 music quite well.  It even shows the song that is playing, unlike windows media player on the PC…  My PC only shows “Welcome to SLIMP3” but on the PocketPC it will show the track and song title derived from the MP3 tag info…Kind of cool.

That’s all for now, I have a few servers to build today.

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