Monday, December 29, 2003

Studios Fight Piracy With Education

If you read this article you can see that the main problem is overseas where folks in China are mass producing pirated movies.  How does spanking a kid in Kansas for using Kazza to get a cam of “Return of the King” help them?  It hasn’t really worked for the RIAA as you can still just as easily get just about any album off the internet before you can get it in stores.  The bottom line is that folks are only going to pay for stuff that’s worth it.  I know a few folks out there that already have copies of Return of the King on CD but I bet they have the DVD from Wal-Mart when it comes out.  Make crap, loose money.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think what the folks overseas (and even those that do it over here) are doing is wrong, but with money being tight as it is these days how can you blame folks for downloading something before they fork over $30 for something that they might not watch all the way through the first time? 

Movie industry executives are struggling to come up with a policy to thwart the illegal distribution of bootleg copies of movies on the Internet.
[New York Times: Technology]

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