Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Ding, fries are done

I found this program called Xingtones that lets you take any .wav, .mp3 or .mid file and turn it into a ringtone.  It’s kind of neat in that you don’t need any wires to transfer the song from the PC to the phone.  You load your music, trim it till you get it just right, push upload and you get an SMS message on your phone.  From here it may differ on different providers but for Sprint you have to follow the URL by pushing “go” and then download the ringtone.  Of course you get a warning stating that the ringtone is not from Sprint and blahblah but it works like a champ.  So far my favorite is the “Rock and pool” song that Gollum sings followed closely by the “Ding fries are done”… 

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  1. New release of Xingtone coming soon with improved audio controls, support for additional audio formats, and microphone input. Please see the web site for details (