Sunday, December 21, 2003

RetroTechno: walkie-talkies?

 Seems that nothing is immune to the retro-cool phase that all other areas of our culture has fallen prey to.  Is it “push-to-talk” or is it a subliminal realization that half-duplex conversations are better than always asking people to repeat themselves over poor analog cell conversations?  Besides picture sharing it seems that P2T is starting to become the next “in” thing.  I wish they would get on with it and make those cameras to full 30fps video and let us have video calls!!  The Samsung A-600 even comes with a swivel so that you can easily see the screen and have the camera see you too.  This would make it seem that they are preparing for an application that would let you do this (provided the other user is using a camera phone too).


Some obscene percentage of the population of Hong Kong have cellphones (something like 99%, according to the Office of the Telecommunications Authority there), but apparently...

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