Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Samsung PCS Phone with Bluetooth and Camera


This is just a little snigglet of information, but I thought it might brighten the last day of 2003 for you PCS users - it looks like Samsung is releasing the SPH-E3700, a CDMA (PCS) phone with Bluetooth 1.1 support, a "megapixel" camera (1.0 megapixels? 1.3?), and MMC support. It also has a rich set of Bluetooth profiles, including dial-up networking, hands-free, LAN-DT, OBEX, and a few others. One would hope that the carriers who carry Samsung phones in North America would be adopting this phone soon enough. Finally, a cool Bluetooth CDMA phone! That is, if it's CDMA. I've spent the last 10 minutes doing Google research and talking to smart people, and technically PCS can refer to GSM or CDMA, although in North America we're used to thinking of PCS being the same as CDMA. I'm going to bet that this is a CDMA phone, which is great news for you two-device folks that want a Bluetooth phone.
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