Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sprint: Treo 650 Updated - BT DUN Enabled

For you non Windows phone users....  You know who you are.

We broke coverage of Sprint confirming the new definition of tethering your phone as a modem, which is that Sprint will not stand in the way of non-abusive usage. In that confirmation, Sprint also mentioned that the Treo 650 would be updated to be used as a modem, and today, PalmOne has issued the update that completes that confirmation. This is the first update that confirms Sprint's commitment to not hindering devices for use as a modem in the future, and is proof-positive of Sprint's confirmation of permitting using Vision as a modem within reason.

The Treo 650 Update, version 1.12, also updates VersaMail, adds support for more Bluetooth Car Kits, improves voice call dialing, and adds the ability to send an SMS to another location when you miss a call.

Treo 650 (Sprint) Updater Version 1.12
[Sprint PCS Info]

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